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Lester packed all his things in anticipation of his lawyer coming to pick him up. He just finished zipping up his suitcase when someone knocked on the door. He grabbed the bag and opened the door where he found Robert standing there looking toward the door adjacent to Lester's from which loud screaming emanated.

"I'm amazed you can sleep with neighbors like that." Robert said.

"They usually leave after thirty minutes or so." Lester answered.

Robert opened the trunk of his car and then Lester tossed his suitcase in the back. A couple minutes later after Lester checked out, they drove out into the busy streets headed down town.

"The DA is looking for anything he can to build a new case against this Count guy." Robert said. "He's looking forward to hearing what you have to say."

"I'm looking forward to not having to look over my shoulder everywhere I go."

"Can't say I know what that's like but I'm sure it would be a load off your shoulders."

"More like a target off my back." Lester corrected.

"Just to warn you we're meeting him in a parking structure. He doesn't want his whole office to know about you. He's concerned some of them might be dirty."

"Great. More corruption in our government."

"Unfortunate truth of the city I'm afraid." Robert sighed. "I try to stay out of it as best I can. It isn't easy. The temptation is, at times, very real."

"I don't envy you your job. I think I'll just stick to selling guns to hostile foreign powers. Less moral hang ups there." Lester joked.

Robert chuckled. "You're not wrong."

They continued the trip in silence. Not long after Robert pulled into the Joe Louis Arena parking structure and drove all the way to the top. Waiting for them were three men looking out over the river. Robert parked the car and they both got out and approached the men.

"Afternoon Jim." Robert said.

The men turned around and Lester could see the bulge of guns in the jackets of the men on either side.The one in the middle extended a hand. "Robert." They shook hands then the man extended his hand to Lester. "Jim Maddox, you are, I assume, Lester Acker.

Lester took his hand. "Good to meet you."

"Robert tells me you have something of an entanglement with our friend The Count." Jim said.

"Something like that."

"We'll get you sorted out."Jim said. "Grab Mr. Acker's things for him." He said to the men flanking him.

Robert popped the trunk and one of the men grabbed Lester's suitcase and transferred it to the trunk of a nearby car. Robert stepped back and closed his trunk and said,"Unless you need me for something else I'm going to leave you in Jim's very capable hands."

"I think we're good." Jim said looking to Lester.

"Yeah, I'm good. See you later Robert." Lester added.

Robert left and Lester piled into the other car with Jim and his men. They sat in the back while Jim's friends sat up front and drove. No one said anything and Lester really didn't know what to expect. They drove for thirty minutes before coming to a stop outside an old factory. Suddenly Lester felt a lot less safe and secure than he had on the ride over.

"What's this?" Lester asked.

"You should know Robert had nothing to do with this. He genuinely believes he did what was in your best interest."

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