It was my first day to work and I was late.

And that was just my luck.

I hurried down the subway to enter Risley Publications and ran past the reception ignoring the outraged cries of the girl sitting there.

"Wait." She shrieked.

"Can't. Late. I'm an employee." I whirled around and flashed my id at her and then continued to run swiftly.

And then it was just like me to not see the 'still wet' sign and slip through the wide area in the corridor.

I was used to being a clutz. Slipping came naturally to me.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaa." I was shrieking and it was my first day and I knew I was going to die of embaressment later. But what was not natural was me landing at a man's feet.

"Whoa! You okay?" He asked and I lifted my head. The instant I met his green eyes I saw stars, literally.

"Uh, ye ... uh." Okay so this was another of my trait, I was at a loss of words around hot men who towered over me.

"The guy grinned down at me and then his hands were lifting me up.

I was dazed but my eyes saw the time over his head.

"Oh, shit." I all but shouted at his face and then started running. No, sliding again.

"Watch out." The guy warned but I was a bit too late. I didn't see that the 'transparent' door ahead was closed and my head as well as other parts of my anatomy banged in the door.

"Huh." I fell on my butt.

"Slow down, girl." He chuckled and once again picked me up.

"Sorry, I'm late." I said and then whirled around again.

"Wait up." He said and then grabbed my arm.

"What?" I was restricted to minimum words.

"Just where are you running to?" He asked me and then let go off my arm.

"Oww." I said as instant pain spiraled through my head.

"Wrong answer." He said, smiling.

He flashed what seemed like a 250-watt smile and I was blinded by it.

"Head." I said and then slapped my hand on the small bump on the left-side of my head.

"Hurts?" He asked and I nodded.

He extracted a handkerchief from his pocket and replaced it to my head.

He stepped closer and I took a step back.

"I don't bite." He said and grinned down at me, closing the distance again and placed the hankie on my head.

"I sparkle though." He added with mischief and for a minute I went blank.

Oh my God, he was talking about Edward!

On that note, I gave him my most dazzling smile.

Or I thought it was my most dazzling smile.

"Oh finally, I thought you lacked teeth." He teased me.

"No." I giggled.

"Where are you upto?" He asked.

"Oh shit." I said again.

"Look, I'm late, I gotta run." I stumbled through the words.

"You can speak more than 2 words!!" He teased again.