Boyfriend and girlfriend

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Yoongi pov
        So as I go to my class with my best friend Park Jihoo. She's have been my best friend since I move here.. We're at the same class.


"Hello" she give me a wide smile

I keep wondering.. She want a prove for me to show her my girlfriend..


Hey! If you really have girlfriend.. Show me some evidence then..

(End of flashback)

"Jihoo-ah, can u please be my.. "

"Whoa.. I know what the questions is. But why so sudden? "

"Just answer yes or no? "

She blushed..

"Okey then.. I take that as a no" I walked away..

"WAIT! Lets do this! "

"Do what? "

"Me girlfriend you boyfriend"
She said.. A little bit blush..

"Okey then.. " I smile

Time skip

"Suga! We have some party tonight.. I found my new girlfriend.. She a dj at some bar.. So she throw a party" namjoon said.

"OK then let's go" well why not?

"Can I join your party? " a girl interrupt.. And it was... Taejoon..

"What da? " I cursed under my breath..

"Sorry for interrupt u guys.. But I like party"

Okey now I have chance to show her my girlfriend ..

"Fine! "

To be continue

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