Chapter 9: Ending It

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"We have to get the civilians to safety!" Ladybug commanded, before rushing through the hole in the wall. "I'm on it!" Chat and Dragonfly shouted in unison before following after Ladybug, who was currently dodging and shielding attacks with her yoyo, which had an indestructible string.

I hastily ran over to the hole in the wall. I looked down, and saw the sickening drop below. Ugh great. I knew I should have taken Gymnastics!

I took a deep breath and jumped out the hole in the window. Just before I hit the grass below me, I turned my body into water, I didn't want the "splat" of me hitting the ground to kill me in the process.

After reforming, I dashed over to Ladybug. She was currently holding a thing that looked like a futuristic gun. "It's supposed to be a freeze ray, but what good is it if I don't have any ammo?!" Ladybug complained, annoyed because she didn't know what to do. I let a creepy grin cross my face and then replied, "You worry about hitting Crossfire, I'll worry about ammo." I put a hand over the ammo compartment and poured myself into it. I felt myself jostle a little as Ladybug aimed at Crossfire, while shouting at Chat and Dragonfly to get out of the way.

I felt myself fly forward at an unbelievable rate, making a beeline for my target. I splashed when I hit him and then I felt myself freeze on Crossfire's body. Chat, who had dodged the Icy bullet just in time, walked over to Crossfire's now frozen essence. Then he cracked the Ice around Crossfire's neck and grabbed his dog tag. Chat tossed the Akumatized item at Ladybug, who caught it and then crushed it into a million pieces. A purple butterfly flew out of it. "De-Evilize!" LadyBug shouted. She caught the glowing purple butterfly with her yoyo, and then let it free again when it had turned back to it's original white color.

I turned myself back into water, and watched as Ladybug threw the freeze ray up into the air. She shouted, "Miraculous Ladybug!!!" A flurry of ladybugs covered everything that had been damaged during the fight, including the hole in the school. After they left, everything was back to normal again. As if there hadn't been an terror attack in the first place.


I turned my attention to the man who was formerly known as Crossfire, he was desperately shouting at the cops who were shoving him into the back of their car. "I didn't do anything wrong! Why are you arresting me!" Ladybug put a hand on her heart, and said, in a half-whisper, "He actually didn't do anything wrong, Hawkmoth manipulated him into killing innocent people."

We were interrupted from our thoughts by the sound of beeping. It was coming from the things that Chat, Ladybug, and Dragonfly were wearing in order to turn themselves into superheroes. They hurriedly jumped to hide in a discreet place so no-one could know who they were under the mask.

I already had a pretty good idea of who Chat and Ladybug were, but I still didn't know who Dragonfly was. So I followed her as she went through the back door of the school. As quietly and as slowly as possible, I crept around trying not to lose her. I saw her as she disappeared into the same storage closet I had been in. After turning myself back into a puddle of water, I slipped under the closet door.

Still in my water form, I listened and watched Dragonfly. "Zzip! Wings in!" A bright white light covered her, in the next moment she had turned into her civilian form, Emily. I was extremely surprised, and I lifted my hands up in utter shock. Except I didn't have hands, so instead of doing what I wanted to do, I drenched Emily in water. Still in shock, I reformed without realising what I was doing.

Emily's eyes narrowed and she interrogated, "Flynt?!" I replied, slightly confused, "It's Syke." Emily frowned, and said, "No, I'm not blind, I can clearly see your face." What in the world?! I thought I had my mask on!

I slowly brought my hands to the place where my mask should be, but to my hopeless amusement, I found my skin bare. Dang it! My first day of being a hero and I've already shown my true identity! It must have fallen off after the battle!

"Give me one good reason not to kill you." Emily said, still wary at the fact that she had been discovered. "Um.... Well I saved your life." I replied sheepishly. Upon hearing what I had said, her expression instantly softened. "Two." She said in a voice so quiet I could barely hear her. "What?" "Give me two good reasons why." Emily said, slightly aroused. "U-um well you know my identity too?" I whispered back, unsure of what I was saying. Emily kept staring at me as if I had a death wish. "U-um I'll get you a towel?"

I realised that Emily's clothes were so wet, you could practically see through them. I scrambled over to my backpack and, after rummaging around in it for a while, I retrieved a deep blue towel, and threw it at Emily. The frown that had been on her face turned into an adorable smile. Emily wrapped the towel around herself like a blanket and sat down against the wall of the closet. Then she patted the spot next to her, gesturing for me to sit next to her.

I gingerly sat down next to her, and she rested her head on my shoulder. She closed her delicate eyes and half-whispered, "Three." I smiled and said, "I like you." she smiled again and nodded off to sleep.


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