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Pen Your Pride

Unwanted visiter- chapter 7

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Teachers pet 7

Chapter 7

Unwanted visiter

Clarissa's P. O. V

Not only where my parents coming to the school, but they where coming to reveal a student teacher relationship. Is she coming for me or is there some other teacher, and a student who are together. Who am I kidding I'm going to jail. What about Jacob? He can't go to jail. "Here you go. I would hurry, and change." Karol told me. I took the clothes not really paying attention, and thanked her on my way to the girls bathroom. I slipped into one of the vacant stalls, and changed. It was a short black skirt that stopped a little higher then mid thigh, it came with a black suit jacket, and a purple singlet to where underneath.

I walked to my classroom in my new almost teacher cloths. At least I was in a suit. I put my regular clothes under my desk. and grabbed my cell phone, texted Jacob.

'Jacob come to my class room as soon as you get to school' my phone vibrated in my hand.

'okay <3' Jacob sent back.

A smile played on my lips as I stared at the heart. To bad this will probably be our last day together. I would go to jail or something, and he would be suspended.

I have ruined his life. He wont be able to go to a good collage when they see he was suspended.

I slouched in my desk chair, and put my hands over my face. I felt the wetness of my tears on my hands.

I heard the sound of foot steps coming down the hall. From the sound of the foot steps I could tell it was male. My door Handel jiggled, and my door was pushed open.

Jacob was standing in my door way in a pair of black jeans, blue converse, a sky blue shirt, and a black leather jacket with his back back hung over his shoulder. 'what's wrong?' Jacobs voice wrung in my head. "I'm so sorry." I told him. My voice cracking from the crying I had been doing before he made it to my classroom.

Jacob clossd the door, and came, and kneeled by my chair. 'tell me what's wrong Jamie, I can't help if you don't tell me what's wrong' he said placing his palms on my Knees while trying to look at me.

"My parents are coming, and I think they know about us. " I told him. I watched his face to see his reaction, but he hid it. His face was completely blank. 'Jamie no matter what they do I will always love you' Jacob finally told me before he grabbed my hand.

I felt more tears fall. I have ruined this sweet boys future. Jacob took his other hand, and cupped the side of my face. 'I love you Jamie' Jacob told me. " I love you too" I told him. I leaned down to Jacob, and kissed him. This was probably the last time I would see him. I needed to make this kiss count. I slid out of my chair without breaking this kiss, and got on my knees like Jacob. I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck, and broung him even closer. Jacob moved his lips off mine, and in sted started kiss down my neck. I ran my hands down his back likening the way his lips feel like on my skin. I felt Jacobs hands on my jacket. He swiftly took it off without any trouble.

Jacob continued to kiss my neck, but stopped when he reached the base. I felt his teeth graze over the skin. 'tell him to bite you!!' Jessie yelled. What! Why? 'just do it' she told me.

"Jacob will you bite me?" I asked him. Jacob raised his head, and smiled at my. I watched as his teeth grew into sharp fangs. Like a wolfs teethe. I watched in shock as Jacob baring his teeth brought them to the base of my neck.

What have I gotten myself into. 'don't worry you'll like. I sure will' Jessie said with a chuckle.

The bell wrong making Jacob jump back before he bite me. Jacob smiled , and got up from the floor. He held a hand down to pull me up. As soon as I was on my feet he moved his hands to my waist, and yanked me into him , and crashed his lips onto mine. He pulled away all to quickly though. 'good bye love' Jacob said in my head. I smilled at him, and waved good bye. He shut the door back behind him.

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