Chapter 3-Ravenkit

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-Around The Same Time As Chapter 1

A golden brown tabby stood atop a lightning struck tree stump, amber eyes gazing upon his clan gathered before him in the clan camp in the middle of the forest.. The sun shone brightly while the breeze flew by on the perfect summer day. He stood tall and proud, a new Chief ready to lead his clan to a powerful and glorious future, the kings of the clans. They will take the Lakeclan land that is rightfully theirs and outmaster Blazeclan in strength and influence. Marshclan, the new leader among the clans, led by Ravenstar, the best leader there has been and ever will be. The clans will be forever at peace for as long as he rules. Ravenstar will be remembered for time immemorial.

Birds chirped as Ravenkit suddenly woke up. Sunlight flooded the nursery as he stood up from his moss nest. He yawned and shook off the moss that still clung to his ruffled fur. What a dream, Ravenkit thought, to think that I was standing atop the tree stump, leading my clan in a wondrous future. It will be that way someday no matter what. Ravenkit saw his mother, Leoapardclaw, a yellow, black marked cat with amber eyes.

"Good morning son," Leopardclaw said to to Ravenkit, "Your father wishes to see you this morning for more training. But first let's groom you."

Leopardclaw groomed her son and they chatted about clan life for a bit. Then he headed off towards the Chief Cave, remembering his lineage once again. He was the son of Treestar, a brown tom with blue eyes, Chief of Marschlan. His mother was Leopardclaw, a yellow, black marked she-cat with amber eyes, deputy of Marshclan. She was temporarily being replaced by Jayheart, one of the most skilled warriors. He had his father's fur and his mother's eyes. His uncle Sprucheart was The Mender. His family was powerful and everyone like them for their reasonable and favored decisions. They used their power for the benefit of the clan. Ravenkit was the next in line to be leader. As long as he became a great warrior and apprenticed a kit, he would be eligible and favored to be the deputy, and then leader. Ravenkit had lots of expectations to live up too, and he knew that he could do it for sure.

His father had mentally trained him since he was 2 months old, He was 4 months old now, having been born on the third moon of the year. He was trained in puzzles, riddles, and other like things to help him become clever. Physical training was not allowed until apprenticeship. Ravenkit was lucky in some ways, as he was the only kit in the clan for the moment, so there was no jealousy or any other kits in his way. Plus, his apprenticeship would be in the leaf-fall and leaf-bare, the hardest seasons to live in. It would truly test him. The whole clan helped and supported him with his training.

The camp was damp and had a muddy ground as they lived in a marsh, but his clan was used to that. The camp walls were somewhat low, but they were completely surrounded by thorns and brambles that offered protection. The camp entrance was a small gap between two hills. The set up was the same of where the dens were in all clans, but only what the dens were was a difference. The nursery and leaders den were holes dug in the ground. The warriors den consisted of a few logs. The Learners and elders slept under bushes. The medicine cat den was a small cavern that was connected to underground tunnels like all of the clans. The Chief Cave, where the Chief lived, was a small cave by the Declaration Tree. There were clumps of bushes and marsh plants here and there throughout the camp. The spot from which the leader conducted clan meetings was a from atop a rugged tree stump that branched off into a few different stems. It was rugged, burnt, and broken from being struck by lightning long ago. It was known as the Declaration Tree.

When he reached his father's den, a small cave, his father wasn't there, but Longpaw, a Learner he knew, was. Longpaw was the son of Jayheart and has green eyes and long, dark gray fur. "Where is my father, and why are you in here?," asked Ravenkit.

Longpaw sat silently and looked directly at him. "You already know why," Longpaw answered, "Just think about."

"I see, this is another test of his. Another riddle he wants me to find where he is," guessed Ravenkit. His father did this sometimes just to see what his son would do. "Tell me, Longpaw, what is today's test riddle?"

Longpaw gave a long riddle a moment after Ravenkit spoke. "What is dead, but teeming with life? What goes up, but also down all the time? What is injured, but is not in pain at all? And what is divided, but still together?"

Ravenkit sat down and went deep into thought. Longpaw sat in silence, waiting for and answer. This is a tough one, thought Ravenkit, What is dead but still alive? That could be plenty of thing. Those fictional deadmeaters, memories, souls, and lots of other things. What goes up , but also goes down? That's a weird one. Many possibilities, Air, mountains, and ...plants. Wait a minute! My father is named after trees, which go up and down as they grow, into the air, and dirt! Dead trees are dead, but still alive, for they teem with the lives of bugs and moss! And the Declaration tree is in such a state! It is also divided, but united as well. It is also broken, but not hurt. I have an my answer!

"I have an answer Longpaw. My father is underneath the Declaration Tree. It goes up, but also down. It is dead, but teems with life. And it is divided, but still united. it has been hurt, but it knows no pain"

Longpaw simply nodded and moved out of the den to do the day's tasks. Ravenkit used the secret tunnel entrance that few knew about that was in the Chief Cave. He only knew as he was to be the next leader. The tunnel was hidden behind a small rock. Ravenkit pushed it aside and went inside of the tunnel. It was dark and damp. He knew the way, as he knew the way to the Declaration Tree was straight ahead, and not in the other spirling tunnel paths. After a few heartbeats of running he saw his father. His father was half hidden my the darkness. A crack above shone light through the tree roots that were in the tunnel onto Treestar's golden brown fur. His blue eyes shone bright with pride and support for Ravenkit which Ravenkit returned with a gaze of love and joy.

"Hello son," greeted Treestar in a rumbly voice, "I see you solved my riddle, and rather quickly too. Don't worry how I know. This was all planned out. This only proves you are more than smart. That is a trait of a great Chief that will help them make the right decisions. Soon you will be a Learner before you know it. Being smart will always help you then, and later when you face and intelligent enemy. Come son, let us go work on your mental exercises for the rest of the day."

As Ravenkit and Treestar walked out into the daylight once again, Ravenkit thought of his future once more. I know I can do it! I will lead our clan to greatness, as in my dreams! But what is it truly like to have power? To have authority, to be in command, and give orders. I wonder how it will feel and be like. I am sure many responsibilities and challenges await me. I will learn how to make the right decisions and wise choices. But for now, let's focus on those mental exercises that everyone in our clan has received That makes us the smartest clan among the five clans! We are the better than the rest of them!

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