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A year went by and my name is heard worldwide. Everyone doesn't want to cross paths with me. Why would they?!

The sky was grey and fall was just coming up. It smelled like rain would shortly start but water doesn't mean for me to cancel my plans. I had the pack still training, working harder than ever. I had more cellars and more border portal roaming around.

I walked down the stairs from my estate and walked towards the training fields. Today is fighting day. A day were you chose your opponent and fight till one is on the ground. There were three big circles. Three fights were going on. Cheers and yells were all you can hear from all three of them. My face was stone cold as I made my way towards one of them.

I pushed aside wolves as I walked in the front. I heard some say "Alpha" but I chose to ignore them and watch this. It was a male and a female fighting. I watched at how hard his punches were to her, but her speed was wining the fight. He was getting tired each time he swung with full force and would miss her. Her punches were decent but not strong enough.

I crossed my arms over my chest and kept watching. He was tone and all but his stamina wasn't. Simple.

He continued to use all his power in his punches to get a good hit on her, yeah, she had some marks from him but not as much as he does. He was breathing hard and fast, barely catching any air. One left hook towards her and she dunk and punched pretty decent in his stomach, which caused him to hunch over. She used that as her last move. She quickly went up to him and grabbed his head and pulled it up and then down, connecting it with her knee. The satisfaction of the crunch was heard and I felt my lips twitch.

Yells and cheers started out and she looked down at the wolf that was on the ground holding his nose groaning, "Don't ever fûckin try me again Dustin." She growled.

She looked up and her eyes met mine. Her face paled slightly and my face was still blank. She did a slight bow towards me and I huffed. I turned around and walked out of there and walked to the next circle.



I pulled her hair tightly as my mouth connected with hers. Her hand tightly held my shirt in her hands as I slammed her against the wall. She groaned in my mouth but I wasn't in the mood to go...easy.

Her clothes were off in seconds while mine were still on. She was rubbing her scent over me while her hands were still trying to bring me closer. She quickly pulled my pants down and closing herself into me. She moaned in my mouth while I was just kissing her roughly.

My hips were moving roughly because one, I just wanted stress off of my shoulders and two, rough is always better.

When I knew I was about to come, I was going move out but she screwed me over. She wrapped her legs tightly around me while I pinned her wrist on the wall. I moved my mouth away from her as I tried to move back she moved faster causing me to come in her. She moaned while I growled. Her legs were shaking slightly as her legs weakly unwrapped around me. I still had her pinned but she messed up.

When her eyes opened up to me, her eyes were hooded with lust. My hand that was pinning her wrist wrapped around her throat tightly while I grew mad. Her eyes opened wide as she stared at my green eyes. "What?" She whispered as she tried to hide the whimper.

I growled, "you don't deserve to carry my pup." I said as I tighten my hold on her neck. Her hand clamped around my wrist and held it tightly.

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