IT sees us

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I sat on an upside down bucket staring at the projector. I looked up at the map on the wall the bill was indicating to. "Storm drain." I nodded slowly not knowing what he meant.

"That's were Georgie disappeared, there's the Ironworks, and the Black Spot." I gulped getting it and looked at everyone. Eddie shook his head looking at it and everyone was scared.

"Everywhere IT happens it's-it's
all connected by the sewers and they all meet up at the the well-house." Richie crinkled his nose "You mean the house on Neibolt Street." Someone spike but I couldn't tell who it's was.

"You mean the creepy-ass house where all the junkies and hobos like to sleep?" Richie joked and I rolled my eyes and he put his arm around me. I playfully shoved him off of me.

"I hate that place. Always feels like it's watching me." Stanley spoke and I nodded agreeing. "That place gives me the chills." I said disgusted.

"That's where I saw IT. There I saw a clown." Eddie spoke with a wavering voice and I gulped again. I looked up at the map and I looked at the marks connecting everything to that damned house.

"Tha-tha-tha-that's where IT lives." Richie made a face "I can't imagine anything ever wanting to live there." I snorted a bit and he smiled at me.

Eddie stood up abruptly, in front of the map. "Can we stop talking about this?!" He took a puff of his inhaler. "I can barely breathe. It's summer. We're kids, I can barely breathe having a fucking asthma attack and fuck doing this." Eddie turned around a ripped the map off.

"Dude!" I yelled. "What the hell! Put the map back!" Bill yelled. Me and him complained but the picture in the projector changed. We froze and Eddie back away from it.

"What happened?" Mike spoke and we stared at it. Fear struck our hearts and our eyes widened. Me and Richie grabbed each other's hands and the pictures started changing. They showed bills family pictures.

"What's going on?" Mike asked. "I don't know, look!" We gasped as it zoomed on Georgie. "Guys..." no one listened. "Georgie." Bill said, tears in his eyes. "Bill?" Beverly said checking on him.

We watched in horror as it moved onto his mom. Her hair whirled around her face and it hanged into a clown. My mouth dropped open and I lost all words. "WHAT THE FUCK!" Richie screamed.

"It's IT." Ben said. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" Richie screamed again. "I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!" Bill screamed back. Mike ran to it and looked at bill "Turn it off!" "Yes, Turn it off!" Beverly yelled with mike.

Bill panicked "I don't know how?!" Mike kicked it and it broke. We were stuck in the dark but it was done. I could hear the panting of myself and others. The silence was nice.

All off a sudden a huge clown ripped through the wall. I let out a blood curdling scream. We all screamed and yelled and it whipped towards Stan.

"Run, Stanley!" Bill screamed and Stan raced to the back of the garage. It turned towards me and I froze. Richie wrapped his arms around me and ripped me back.

I gripped him and we fell, shutting ours eyes. It went silent and we opened them. Light streamed in as Ben had opened the garage. "Thanks, Ben." Beverly said and hugged him. He blushed and nodded but their moment was ruined.

"IT saw us. IT saw us and It knows where we are." Eddie said unsteadily. I got off Richie and he got up. He hugged me from the back as we looked at bill.

"IT always knew." Stan said looking at the ground. "Alright Stan, so let's go." Bill spoke grabbing his bike. "Go? Go where?" Stan said, shocked and scared.

"Neibolt." Bill said confidently. "That's where G-g-g-Georgie is." Stan shook his head "After that?" Richie said looking at bill.

"Yeah, it's summer, we should be outside..." stan agreed with Richie. "If you say it's summer one more f-f-f-fucking time." I knew what he felt like but I couldn't go there.

He looked at me as if asking. I looked down, saddened and avoided his eyes. He nodded and hopped on his bike. "Bill?" Beverly said as he rode off to the house. "Wait!" She screamed.

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