Venomous: Sometimes Legends Are True

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                                                Note to readers & future addicts:

Everything in this story is completely original. The legend was written by me one day while I was sitting at home with nothing to do. It's not true, although that'd be pretty damn banging if it was, right?

If you see any other story A N Y W H E R E with the same plot, legend, or the complete whole story - please notify me immediantly. I don't do well with plaigarism at all. You mess with my creativity, I'm going to mess up your writing career. Not that you'd have one if you're stealing other people's work.

If you ever get confused by anything in the story or if the legend just doesn't match up with the story, please tell me D: Constructive criticism is my best friend. Like literally. We've known each other since I was born. We plan to get married and have comment babies. o.o

I'm a very nice person and I've been told by many my writing is good. But, I have my insecurities sometimes so if I have a late upload, I'll be writing it over and over again till I get it right. I really want to get this story written. I'm absolutely in love with the idea and I've had it bottled up in a long lost folder in my laptop.


The awesome cover to the rightt ----> Yes, both of them :D Are both made by -1812- . Freaking amazing, right!? I love it. c: Both of them.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy "Venomous" as much as I enjoy writing it.

- Much love, Mera xx

And remember: Sometimes, legends are true..

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