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I woke up the next morning feeling slightly better about my predicament than before. Even though I was being "punished" the day before, the General allowed me to eat dinner. He also didn't get angry that I was slacking off work by watching kittens play in the garden, and instead asked me what was funny.

However, I could still hear that woman telling me that he executed his last girl himself, and I could remember the care girl, Tam, looking terrified when she found out who I was purchased by.

After a shower, I headed downstairs to clean. As before, even though it was a large house, it didn't take very long, as it was already very clean. However, just as I began to make breakfast again, I could see the kittens in the garden, and this time, there was a third.

I couldn't help but laugh quietly as they played and missed timed their jumps as I prepared breakfast for the General, but as I turned around to place a plate on the island ready to plate up the food, I could see him standing in the door way.

I immediately grew silent, and he stared at me for a moment, before moving to the dining area, ready for me to serve him breakfast.

"I need to be more careful," I muttered to myself as I poured him a glass of juice and carried the food in.

He was silent when I placed the food in front of him, so I assumed I wasn't in trouble, and went back into the kitchen to eat my own breakfast. I quickly washed up the pans and sat at the island on a stool with a small plate of what I had made the General in front of me. I had never eaten bacon before, and the quality of the meat in the sausage was so high, that I actually groaned out loud when I took a bite. I had never tasted anything so good!



I could not believe that I had been blessed with the sound of her laughter so early in the morning. It made me feel as if the day was going to be very good. She stopped laughing when she saw me, so instead I left the room, hoping that she'd relax again.

However, she brought my breakfast in straight away, and went straight back into the kitchen without a single word. I began to eat the food she cooked, and drained my glass of orange juice completely. Still thirsty, I got to my feet and picked up the glass before heading back into the kitchen.

I almost gasped in shock at what I saw. 1216 was sat at the island on a stool with a small plate in front of her. She moaned when she tasted the bacon and the sausage; a sound of happiness at just food that I had never heard before. However, when she lifted a glass with a small amount of orange juice in it, she made a sound of pure shock and pleasure made made my eyes open in wonder.

It was like she was a starving creature that was finally getting the food she needed.

When she saw me standing in the doorway, she jumped up, and I could see that her cheeks were flushed red.

"Sorry, Sir," She said quietly, going to the fridge and getting out the carton of juice and bringing it to me. Without even thinking, I held the glass out and she filled it to the top from the carton.

I nodded once and she pulled away. Without a word, I turned and went back to the dining room. It was as if I had lost the ability to talk.



The General was acting strange today, and it was creeping me out a little. I wasn't sure if it was some kind of punishment for something I had done (that I was unaware of), but he hadn't said a single word to me all morning.

Even when I was dressed and ready to go with him to work, he was silent. The walk to his work was the same as the previous day, but I noticed more looks of pity from the women. However, I had slept well and had a good breakfast, so I was in a fairly good mood, and wasn't worried about being punished further by the General; apart from him not speaking, but to me that just added to my mood.

I was patted down by a different guard this time, and he didn't linger anywhere, so even when we reached his office, I was still as content as I'd ever been.

However, as soon as the office door swung shut, the General turned to face me, his face serious.

"Is there anything you want?" He asked the question so suddenly, that I was slightly taken aback.

"I'm sorry?" I asked, confused.

"Is there anything you want?" He repeated, "As a reward for good behaviour. We have to make a trip soon, so before we leave do you want anything?"

I was momentarily shocked, but I lowered my eyes and nodded.

"What is it?"

"I want to take my Mama a blanket," I said quietly. I know it was probably unusual request; most women would want a day off, or a warm pair of boots or something along those lines. But not me.

There was a pause from the General, but I didn't want to look at him, just in case.

"Just a blanket?" He said.

"I want to give her winter clothes," I mumbled, "But I was afraid that would be too much,"

The General was quiet again, and I felt a tug on the lead. I moved with him and he clipped the chain from the wall behind his desk to my collar. I sat on the chair, and watched as he removed his own jacket and sat at his desk, not answering me as he sat down to do his work.

After a few minutes of silence, the General spoke.

"We will take her some things before we leave for region seven,"

My mouth almost dropped open in surprise, "Thank you, Sir- wait, Region seven?! We're going beyond the walls?!"


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