Chapter 22

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**the time has come to welcome the pureblood. some may find this chapter awkward, tho that's just because evie's awkward.**


It's been a while since I've delivered anything.

But now I have to help deliver a Pureblood.

The entire Dietrich household is in complete chaos.

That is, there are no servants running back and forth—the halls are basically empty.

Aside from Morwenna coming in and out to bring water and other essentials, there is no one. All the other maids and butlers are hidden in their rooms, trying to ignore the smell of fresh blood.

I can't blame them. Alvena is extremely tempting.

Thus, I'm the only one she is safe to be around.

But I may not be safe.

My ears have been hearing screaming for the past five hours. I'm not sure how much longer I can endure.

"Evelyn!" I hear Morwenna call my name, snapping me out of my slight daze.

I extend my arms just in time to catch the baby as it comes out covered in strange substances.

Alvena is finally quiet now. Morwenna's heart stopped beating.

During that awkward moment of silence, the only thing I could do was wait for further instruction.

As I waited, I couldn't help but notice the tiny thing squirming in my hands.

The birth of a Pureblood is so...


"It's a little Lord!!!!" Morwenna's voice breaks the silence as tears overflow from her tired eyes. "A little Lord Dietrich!!!" she exclaims in joy before applauding.

"Where's Master?" I ask. Is he still not here yet?

"Why Evelyn! He's in your hands," Morwenna's tone was spilling with unconfined excitement.

I look at the young master in my hands. Right. The child is my master as well.

"Master Alek," I practice saying to the baby. "Master Aleksandar."

"Evie," a feeble voice calls suddenly. "Can I see him?"

I immediately bring Little Master to his mother.

Alvena was still weak, so Morwenna had to help her sit up to hold her son.

"I don't know what's taking London and Adrian so long to fetch Master. I promise to have him back home shortly!!" Morwenna yelled as she rushed out of the room.

"Evie, do we have some cloth?" Alvena asks nicely. I hand a clean towel to her.

I watch intently as she carefully wipes the baby clean with a beautiful smile on her face. I haven't seen her smile since finding out about Master's marriage engagement.

She must really like the young Master.

"Why isn't young master opening his eyes?" I ask, moving a little closer to help her carry the child.

Alvena stiffened as she looked at me.

"Where's Master Aleksandar?" Mistress questions worriedly.

"In your arms," I answer.

"I meant the older one...Nikolaj," Alvena clarified. She didn't hide her discomfort using Master's name.

"He should be returning from Rosehold anytime now," I answer.

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