Chapter:24 ~ Home (Part I)

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Note: Just to make things more clearer. Joey was not involved with Cambel & Eva. Okay.😊

Story: Chapter:24 parts are just to increase the romance of this cute couple.
But last chapter will be after Chapter:24. Okay.👌👌👌


Ariana's POV:

It was very difficult to face Joey. He was crying. It was difficult to see him like that. I know he was guilty for what he did, but it was still wrong. I could have forgiven him if it would have been about me... but his intentions made me lose my baby and my husband's hand got injured while beating that murderer which my brother hired for me. I cannot forgive him for that.

My Mom and Dad were also there.

Mom and me ended up crying meeting each other after two years. Mom kissed my whole face and hugged me tightly to herself.

Dad tried to stay all serious but when he hugged me, I felt his eyes getting wet with tears. His hands were trembling when he caressed my back. He missed me very much but feels it difficult to confess that.

We decided to meet each other the next time. They wanted to give privacy to me and Xavier.

Dad apologised to Xavier for his rude behaviour from past two years. Mom and Dad hugged both of us before waving their goodbye.

I used to call Cambel my 'Mom'. She was nice to me all this time, but she killed Dad. How can someone get so obsessed over money that they can kill anyone for that? He was her husband. It's a way too far even think of hurting my husband and she killed her husband.

Eva was obsessive about Xavier. She made me and Xavier apart from each other. I never thought that Xavier would have been waiting just like me.

I wanted to kiss Xavier when I saw him in the gallery of that office. When he kissed my knuckles I felt my body getting aroused. He only loved me just like I loved him.

I don't judge those people who had many partners in their life. They just move on. I don't disrespect them. But I also don't disrespect myself. I loved Xavier and I was unable to move on without him. I would have lived the rest of my life without him, if we had not been met like that.

It feel special when you lose your virginity to the person who is going to make love to you for your entire life. It felt special when he said that I was his first kiss and his every kiss. It was very special. I never asked for his past life nor he asked about mine. We just started our life together when we married each other.

I am resting my head on Xavier's shoulder. He is quite and so me. His other hand is caressing my head. I closed my eyes to feel his warmth around me. I feel safe. I feel complete. I feel heaven.


I opened my eyes to see the darkness all around me. I am lying on the bed. I must have slept in the car and Xavier carried me here without waking me up.

I think it's better if we turn away our thoughts from past and live in present. I don't want to do anything which could upset Xavier in any manner.

I heard the water falling from shower. He is in the bathroom.

I closed my eyes as I heard the door opening. I want to be a little mischievous.

He came near the bed and I can feel the warmth of his body near me. His face is very close to me. I can feel my heartbeat increasing. I should not have closed my eyes.

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