Fight To Fix It ♡

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Melodi ♡

We've been sitting in the emergency room for three hours. His momma, step daddy, sisters, Qua, and I are all here.  It feels like the room is spinning. I can't feel my body at all. I'm completely numb. This is one of the worst thing that's ever happened to me. The doctor won't tell us anything and that's only making it worse.

"Qua, why would you leave him in the car when you know he was high and drunk? Why, Qua?" I scream at him. He jumps up. "Chill out! How the hell was I supposed to know he was gon get in and drive? Calm yo ass down!" He yells back. "How am I gon calm down when my best friend laid up in a hospital bed?" I yell. "Calm down! If anyone should be hollering and upset it's me and I'm not. My son will be fine. He will." His mom raises her voice. Mr. Conner rubs her back. "Will Zeemie go bye bye?" His little sister Adela asks. Just hearing that come out of her mouth breaks my heart. "No, Azeem will be fine." Mr. Conner says. A doctor walks over to us. "Azeem is fine, you all. He has a broken arm. He needed twelve stitches in his back. There was a nail in the grass that went deep into his back but that's taken care of. He's going to have headaches and a few nosebleeds from time for at least three months but other than that, he's all good to go." The doctor says. Everybody thanks him.


Everybody sitting around my room looking at me upside my head. I know I got a lot of explaining to do. I honestly don't remember anything. That's how drunk I was. The doctor is releasing me today, thank God. I hate hospitals.

I look over at Melodi. She looking down playing with her nails. "Mel." I say. She looks up. "What?" She asks. "Come here." I say. The room falls silent as she walks over to me. "What, Azeem?" She asks. "I love you and I don't want you mad at me." I say. "I ain't mad. You was wrong tho." She says. "I know and I'm sorry. That ain't happening again. We can still do it when I get out." I say. She shakes her head. "Naw, we can just... I don't know." She says. "We'll figure it out."  I say. She looks down and sighs. "You know I hate when you mad." I say. "I just said I ain't mad, Azeem." she says. "You my best friend. We been rockin for six years. You the first person in America to even acknowledge me. Trust me, I know everything about you even the little things. I know when you hurt, mad, and especially when you lying. I know you mad at me. Let's fix it. I ain't having that. I'm sorry." I say. "It's cool. I forgive you." She says. I smile. "Give me a hug." I say. She hugs me. "On the rice and beans I ain't gon fuck up no more." I whisper in her ear. We laugh. "Yeah, I hear you." She says. "Awwww look at you two." My momma exclaims. "We just friends." Mel says. "Yeah, ma." I add. My momma always on my nuts about Mel. Her and Conner stay telling me to cuff her. They be talkin about chill on the hoes. But honestly, I don't look at Mel like that and I never will because we too close to date. I don't want to risk a perfect friendship. So I'm cool on that one.




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