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I was at my brothers house. With his husband. Waiting for the social services lady to come and drop off my niece. "What if she hates us?"Dean freaks out more. "Dean for the last time. She'll let you have the baby. From what I heard she loved you guys"I try to help him. "I'm talking about the baby"he said.

"Oh sweet god"I looked down. "Dean. She'll love you. I promise"Cas walked over to him and kissed him. I smiled. "I'm sorry. I'm just nervous. I want to be a perfect dad. Unlike my father."dean said.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine"I reassured him. Just then my phone went off. "Hello"I answered. "Hey Sam. I won't be able to make it. "Amelia said. "It's ok. You'll still meet her"I shrugged. "Yep. Give her a kiss for me. Bye"she hung up. "Love you to"I whispered. "What's up?"dean asked. Probably trying to change the subject. "Amelia won't be able to make it. Probably work or something"I explained. He nodded. Then someone knocked on the door.

"Coming"Castiel ran to the door and opened it. "You must be Mr.Winchester. I'm Miss. Frexk."she smiled. Cas opened the door more to let her in. "Need help?"dean offered. "No. I'm perfectly good. But I do know someone who wants to meet you"she smiled. Then she looked at me. "Oh. Hello"she waved. "I'm the uncle."I said. She gave me a sweet smile.

"Lovely"she set down the car seat and removed the blanket. "So which father would like to hold he baby first while the other shows me the baby's room?"she asked. "I will"Cas smiled. She nodded and got out the baby. "Now. Must warn you. She is very tiny as you can see"she gave the baby to Cas. It looked like he was about to cry.

"Hi sweetie"he smiled at her. "So other Mr.Winchester. The room?"she questioned. Dean didn't answer he just stared at the baby. Then fainted.

Some time later
After dean passed out I had to show the lady the room. Then she left,and now dean finally woke up. "What the hell?"he yelled. I think the baby giggled after. "You ok?"Cas asked. He nodded. "Well,someone needs to eat. Can you hold her?"he asked Dean. He nodded.

After Castiel handed him the baby. He walked to the kitchen. "How's it feel?"I asked. "I love her so much. This is the only woman besides mom I will ever love"he laughed. I nodded. "Nice"I looked at her. "She's adorable"I added. He nodded.

"Claire. Don't know why he chose it. But can't disagree with him"he shrugged. "Beautiful name"I replied. "Fits her"he nodded. "Well,I better leave you two alone with your child. I'll see you three Saturday for the party"I kissed baby Claire's head. "See ya man"I said. He nodded. "Bye Cas"I yelled. "Bye Sam."he yelled. Then I heard him run. "Wait. I forgot to tell you"he smiled. I raised an eyebrow. "Gabe is coming down to visit "he smiled. My eyes widen. "Gabe?"I asked.

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