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I feel someone move next to me, awakening me.

"I didn't mean to wake you," Lloyd murmurs.

"It's fine," I say, repositioning myself so that my head was against his chest.

"Last night was fun," he says. I could practically feel him grin.

"Yeah," I agree. "It was."

The day that we were evacuating the city from the Stone Warriors, Lloyd had promised me he'd take me out for real. So much has happened since then that it's crazy to think last night was our first formal and typical date. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I especially enjoyed what came after.

Lloyd and I began looking for a small place together a few days after the final battle. Our realtor learned who Lloyd was, and gave us a discount. Perks to dating the golden ninja.

The rest of the guys and Nya live at their school with Sensei. They complain about how it's unfair that I get to be living in the city and help Lloyd fight while they have to be teaching small children. I told them if they wanted to make out with Lloyd they can have perks too. They were not amused.

"We should probably get up," Lloyd mumbles. I sigh, climbing out of bed.

Lloyd as usual finishes getting ready before me, and heads to the kitchen to start breakfast.

Lloyd was at the stove making eggs. I 'sneak' behind him and snake my arms around his torso, yawning against his back.

"What are you doing today?" He asks.

"Your father wants me to stop by to use me as an example, as I'm the only ninja that's not a teacher or the golden ninja," I respond.

Lloyd whistles. "Good luck with that. Those children are jerks."

I smirk. "You would know, wouldn't you?"

He sighs. "I'm your age now! How many times-"

I laugh. "I know, I know. It's funny seeing you get all defensive though." Lloyd rolls his eyes, shoving my shoulder playfully.

"Whatever. I was gonna drop you off there, but I guess you can walk..." he sings.

"Walking is actually very healthy. I might even run there. It's proven-"

"Shut up, loser," Lloyd says, interrupting me. I grin as we walk to the balcony together, jumping off as we reach the edge. A few seconds later Lloyd forms his golden dragon, and we soar into the sky.

I wrap my arms around his waist as I watch Ninjago's skyline disappear.

"It's so bright," Lloyd mumbles. I nod.

"Cyrus Borg really changed it, huh?"

Lloyd doesn't say anything. I enjoy the peace of flying through the sky, the cool wind against my face as his dragon takes us through the air.

"I-I think we should visit wear you grew up," Lloyd says hesitantly. I take a deep breath.

"I know you don't want to, but it's the key to unlocking your true potential. It's the only way to improve your fighting skills."

I nod slowly, knowing that he was right.

"Also...you need to visit Percy's grave."

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