This is not happening

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   No, no, no, no, This can't be going on. Felix didn't do that on purpose he just wanted to go back to training. I said Thank you! I'm so embarrassed! Even more because he saw me cry.
    "Here, Drink some water, you've been crying so much you need it," Felix said while smiling. *This evil kid can smile? He really is strange* I nod in thanks and began to drink the water. *Ah... I don't think I've cried like that in a long time.." For some time there was silence until Felix spoke, "Do you like Chan, y/n?" My eyes widened by the sudden question but I quickly snapped out of it.
     "Yeah... I've liked him ever since the accident happened, he saved me... even though I can't remember well, I know it was him." I looked up and got surprised when I saw the expression on Felix's face, it was sad and a little angry, it hurt to see him like that. *Pull yourself together y/n, you're supposed to hate him.*
     "About that-" he was about to say something but the guys came in yelling. "Felix! Y/n! Why are you guys here?" Jisung asked curiously. "Well since you guys wanted to slack off and come late, we were going to practice," I said. I walked up to Chan who was still with Destiny, "I'm sorry Destiny but to move on I have to get this off my chest," I said with a serious face as I turned to Chan, "Bang Chan, I....."

        ( A/N: Hey guyssssss! I hope you like this chapter, I've been writing and writing to not take so long releasing chapters. But what do you guys think, what did Felix want to say and how will this sudden confrontation end? Stay tuned😊  BTW NEW CHARACTERS COMING SOON❤️ )

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