Chapter 10

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"The hunt isn't sustaining me. It's flowing blood that I really crave. The sweet taste of red succulent liquid mixing with the salt of my beloved as it drips and dances on his flesh. To know that someone will ache for me as much as I hunger for him and eternally satiate each other. I want someone to satisfy my hunger forever."

-- Ellen Schreiber

It was around midnight, and the Crucis Sentinels were all over campus. Blair who is now Epsilon Crucis was in the eastern part of the campus scouting for anything suspicious while driving around in her motorcycle.

Cherie who is now Delta Crucis was in the western part of campus, that part being the largest. It wouldn't be a problem for Delta Crucis since she can summon a constellation for help. Constellation summoning is a form of Aethereal techniques passed down for generations.

Different from any other summoning technique, constellation summoning is more along the lines of mutual understanding between the user and the constellation. The constellation itself needs to recognize the user as worthy of using its own power, not the other way around. Failure to do so will lead to disobedience which may cause fatal consequences. Or simply the summoning technique will not work in which is very common.

Delta Crucis, for example, is well-versed in summoning techniques and doesn't have that problem. Only a few or should I say a handful of Crux Nexus members can summon constellation guardians. Delta Crucis is the exception as she can summon one of the most essential constellation guardians, Canes Venatici; a small northern constellation and its name are Latin for "hunting dogs," and the constellation is often depicted in illustrations as representing the dogs of Boötes the Herdsman, a neighboring constellation.

They travel in packs or in many cases they split up and partner up with other individuals. They have excellent tracking and attacking abilities. Usually, Canes Venatici is used to be in a supportive role, tracking down fugitives and other monsters.

Chelsea who is now Gamma Crucis was in the southern part of the campus. There she took refuge on one of the balconies surveying the vast agricultural field.

Erika who is now Beta Crucis was at the central part of the campus, perched on the highest rooftop, which was the cathedral. Her incredible depth perception and nocturnal vision, she can see clear as day from miles away.

Finally, Selena who is now Alpha Crucis was in the northern part of the campus, monitoring the surveillance cameras on her tablet. She even used the "borrowed" camera drones her Majesty took from the enemy.

Things were a bit silent. Not a sign of the monster or anything. Everyone took notice of the curfew and thought better of not making light of the situation. Well, not everyone... It turns out a couple who wanted some excitement decided to sneak out and have a little fun together. It was a dark-skinned wolf boy and his girlfriend with red hair and blue eyes. They found an empty room in the auditorium and decide to have a little fun. The redhead pulled the wolf boy in close for a kiss as he was a bit hesitant for being out here at night in the first place.

"Don't be shy..." The woman said encouraging her boyfriend as they both kissed. The sudden spur of romance will come to an abrupt halt when her boyfriend saw someone jumping over rooftops. This startles them as his girlfriend turns around to see the same thing.

"Whoa, what the hell is that?" The redhead said.

"Don't worry! I'm calling the police!" the boyfriend wasting no time reaching for his smartphone in his back pocket.

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