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marner_93; hey arizona

arizona.rielly; hi mitchy

marner_93; have you met my best friend auston?

arizona.rielly; yeah i have and i thought you said i was ur best friend?😔

marner_93; u are my best friend its just he was my best friend first

arizona.rielly; it's whatever i already have 3 other best friends so😄

marner_93; anyway would u like to have a group chat with auston?

arizona.rielly; do we have to? jk sure

marner_93; ill add him to the chat

arizona.rielly; okie

marner_93 added auston_matthews to the chat

marner_93; heyyyyyyy

arizona.rielly; hi welcome to the chat👋

auston_matthews; hi guys

marner_93; how's it going bud?

auston_matthews; pretty good what is this chat about?

arizona.rielly; i'm not sure ask mitchy

auston_matthews; u call him mitchy? and mitch why was this chat created?

marner_93; i want you guys to date

marner_93; talk* stupid autocorrect😅

auston_matthews; sure mitchy

arizona.rielly; if u wanted us to meet couldn't we have just texted each other privately?

marner_93; yeah i guess u could have

auston_matthews; i don't even care anymore this group chat is the start to a great friendship right?

arizona.rielly; right!

marner_93; sure 'friendship'

marner_93; *wink wink*

auston_matthews; shut up

marner_93; y'all gonna get freaky🤤

auston_matthews; oh god

arizona.rielly; wtf is wrong with u mitch? is steph not giving u enough love?

auston_matthews; most likely

marner_93; actually no she hasn't we've been really busy but tonight we're gonna hangout😉👅

arizona.rielly; i'm out✌️

auston_matthews; same✌️

it's okay ↝ auston matthews✔️Where stories live. Discover now