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"Nice to meet you girls" I said to them but in actual I was only looking at Anna as I said this.

"So you two go to Hunnington?" Rebecca asked.

"Yeah" Jacob said. But yet he was still looking at Grace. "Hey do you wanna dance?" Jacob said to grace. She looked at him as if she was unsure of herself wondering what his intentions were. I'm guessing Jacob caught a hint of that and also said "I mean only if you want" she smiled a bit and took his hand and lead him to where everyone was dancing.

     I noticed that Megan had left leaving me with Rebecca and Anna to myself. In reality I was hoping that Rebecca would leave so I could talk to Anna alone. But the all mighty ruler of parties sided against me having Rebecca take my hand leading me to the dance floor with only saying "dance with me." I looked back to see Anna looking at me but once she noticed I had saw what she was doing she turned around walked off into the crowd.

     Rebecca was hott and I must admit that if I hadnt been so attracted to Anna that I probably would of enjoyed every second of her grinding into me as we danced. She the turned to face me and she placed her hands on my shoulders and closed up the distant we had. She then took the courage of leaning up and kissing me. I hadn't expected her to do that. She moved her lips aggressively against mine. I hadn't responded yet not knowing if I should have. I don't know what over took me but I did. I placed my hands on her waist having them glide down to her butt pushing her forward into me. After about a couple of minutes our messy makeout session ended having us gasp for air. She wasn't that bad of a kisser, just a bit, sloppy. She put on a grin and leanded up to my ear whispering she was going to go fix up her make up.

      I nodded and walked out of the crowd of people dancing to go to the kitchen and poor some water into a cup. I turned around after only taking a sip to run into somebody. I managed to knock them over and spill all the water I had in my cup over them. To top it all off I looked to see who the vitctim was and it was no one other then Anna. I was in complete shock and I reached out my hand to help her up. I begged her for forgiveness repeatidly saying, "sorry, oh god I'm so, so sorry." I looked down at her still waiting for her to take my hand. "It's alright" she said taking my hand. I hadnt realized that there was water on my hand making her hand slip right off of mine and having the tile floor all wet only made it worse, making her fall once again.

       Nice one I thought to myself, real smooth. "Your an iditot!" She screamed at me being beyond pissed. "First you spill your drink all over me which I kindly forgave you thinking it was only an accident and now you drop me!" She yelled again screamed at me as she was getting up. I yet again reached my hand out to help her but she just glared at me fiercely making me return my hand to my side.

     I was speechless, I had no idea what to say. A few people noticed my accident but they were to busy hooking up with someone or trying to hook up with them that they didn't care and turned back to whatever they were doing. To top it all off in comes Rebecca taking my hand asking me to go back and dance with her. "Yeah go dance with your little girlfriend get away from me! Maybe your bad luck will go with you!" She replied. "Listen I told you I was sorry. And its only water it will dry." I said getting a bit irritated that she was making a big scene over this. I mean yeah I made her fall and yet made her fall again but she was making it a bigger scene then it needed to be. Rebecca then took hold of my face and kissed me, "come on let's just go dance, just leave this Bitch" she said. "Oh so that's what's got you all dazed up and clumsy" Anna said with flare in her voice. Again making me a bit more irritated. "What are you talking about?" I asked her with an angered voice. "Your all dazed up and blinded by your little sluts kisses, oh Cupid, oh Cupid, why must you have shot me with me with an arrow and makin' me fall inlove with a little whore." She said bringing up her hands to underneath her chin while resting her head on it while blinking repeatedly making me realize just how long her eye lashes were. "Who the HELL do you think you are calling me a slut" Rebecca said stepping closer to Anna. "Bitch please you know your a DAMN whore, throwing yourself all over this guy after just meeting him 20 minutes ago." Anna laughed and she just grinned. Rebecca was probally still attempting to figure out what to say next when Anna said, "Twinkle, Twinkle little slut, please name a guy that you havent fucked" She said stepping closer to Rebecca just like Rebecca had done to her just moments ago.

      I had to bite my bottom lip in order not to burst out laughing at Anna's comment but before things got out of hand I stepped inbetween them both and focused my attention to Anna. "Wait, wait, wait, what was that whole oh Cupid thing?" I asked her now being curious. "You." I snickered at this. But before I could say anything came Grace with Jacob. "Come on Anna let's just go before things get out of hand." I looked over at Jacob and felt bad because I knew I was messed up his chance to get to know Grace. "Yeah take that piece of Shit out here" Rebecca said. "Bye, bye Bitch, please don't miss me to much, on the bright side you get to add another Fuck head to your '101 long list of Shit head guys slept with'." This kinda made me laugh even though she was refering to me as the Fuck head. But I knew in actual she was throwing the diss at Rebecca and not me. "You dirty as skank!" Rebecca said pushing on me as if I was holding her back from attacking Anna. "Oh hunny, talking to yourself like that will never help you stop being a slut. Nor help you get rid of your STD'S. Bye whore!" She said while turning around and walking out. In all honesty I was shocked at Anna response. She played her cards right making Rebecca beyond piss storming off. And that was the first time Anna had completly amazed me.

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