Chapter 4

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Thorn sat up on the berth in the lab. Bringing up her right servo she felt the new patch over her right optic and she felt her new mask. She looks to her left and sees she still dose not have an arm or wings. Facing forward she notices Shockwave in front of her, with his back turned, he is looking at blueprints for an arm with the capability of being ether a triple barrel cannon, with a shot-gun setting, or an elongated sai.

"I see you are awake." Shockwave turns to face Thorn. He steps toward her.

"Retract your new mask." Thorn dose so.

"Now reactivate it." She dose so.

"Everything seems to be in order. I ran a scan of your T-cog and have found you are not currently capable of accessing ether your aerial alt or ground alt modes, with out the needed limbs. I finished the plans for your new arm, it will be completed with in the next few days. Once you have the arm, you will be able to access your ground alt. I will continue to work on the plans for you new wings."

Thorn nods. The two turn there helms to the door as Lord Megatorn and Starscream enter the lab.

'Oh joy! His might lord, hissy fit-bucket head- tyrant the first and his two-timing, cowardly, lap maximal, screech-I look like an ugly femme- the second. What wonderful things are they going to do today. Torture some unlucky mech, send my master on a mission or give him a new project to work on.' She thought with a lot of sarcasm. 

On the outside she sat up right on the berth and bowed her helm to Megatorn as he walked in, she ignored Starscream. The silver mech gave her a sideways glans and turned to Shockwave. The seeker was very annoyed at the femme's blatantly ignoring him, his wings twich.

"Shockwave the excavation was a success. An insecticon managed to retrieve a peace of bone."

The ex-gladiator handed the bone peace to the scientist. He in turn pleased it in the servo of Thorn. She understood her silent orders. She hops off the berth, walks over the the scanner near the center of the room, and place it on the table. She terns on the device and stands back. Shockwave steps forward and begins the procedure. The seeker in on the left, Megatron behind Shockwave. Thorn tunes out the conversation between the mech as she tries not to drift into recharge at the history lesson the leader reveals to the ignorant SIC. She tuns back in after the lesson.

"Your not suggesting I would send my creations off to a distant planet without first having them microchiped."

"Well I . . . Well I was. But seriously you did?"

"Yes. I microchip all of my creation. Even Thorn has a microchip inside her system."


The mechs look at her with a surprised look. Starscream now sees Thorn in a little bit of a different light. Megatron also looks at her with a peculiar stare. 

"Of course. It is standard protocol to do so for an engineered soldier."

Thorn again tunes them out. Until the ship is suddenly jerked. The mechs looks around.

"We are under attack. Autobots?"

"Illogical. Though there appears to be am enormous mass on the hall."

The mechs move the leave the lab.

'I wonder what it could be?'


Thorn fallows after them. They walk through the hallways of the ship some vehicons are ordered to fallow them the the flight deck. Thorn recognize one of them as the vehicon she saved from the green autobot. They walk to the door. It opens.

'He's alive.'

The predicon was not only alive but well it seems. Thorn wanted to rush up and fling her arm around his neck, but contains her excitement. She has an appearance to keep up after all.

"How did it find us?"

'Him you walking scrap-heap'

"Predacons have precise homing instincts."

"And astonishing resilience. Starscream, assume command of my beast."

"ME! Master. I-i-i mean I wouldn't dream of seizing such an honor from it's very creator."

"Military command of the Predacon is most logical. Sense my services are needed else were. Thorn I am leaving you here. You are to take care of the predacon and will follow Starscream's instructions. See to it he is given proper care."

'Like pit I will fallow screamer's orders' She bows and nods anyway. The door closes and Thorn gets to watch as the mech seeker cowers in fear. His face-plate was priceless. 

Instead killing Starscream the beast turns to the femme. Thorn holds out her servo, the beast walks over to her and nuzzles her servo. The teal femme rubs his cheek. Starscream interrupts the reunion between the two.

"I hate to interrupt, but that beast needs to go into his kennel. Now."

Both the femme and the beast ignore his command. This angers the Mech and he brings out a stun staff.

"Do as I say!"

They still don't do as told.


He shocks the beast, who had been enjoying Thorns petting. Angered The Predacon sends a fire blast at the mech. Thorn continues to pet his, while smirking underneath her mask, as Starscream puts out the burning metal of his helm. Shaking with anger the storms off. Once he is gone Thorn sigh with relief.

"Finally he's gone." She says in a soft voice.

"I was worried about you my friend. I was afraid you would not return."

He gently rubs his helm on her chasis. She smiles and kisses the top of his for-helm. She yawns. Seeing this the beast nudges Thorn into the shade, he lies down, and motions for her to do the same with his helm.

"Well I suppose a little nap could not hurt." 

Thorn sits down, leans against his chasis in between his forelegs, and closes her good optic. The predacon rest his helm on her lap and the two drift into a peaceful recharge.


Chapter end.

Hope you enjoyed.


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