baby, I'm yours (til the poets run out of rhymes)

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Louis wakes up feeling sort of breathless, because today is Friday and Friday is special for all sorts of reasons.

It's the end of the school week and the beginning of the weekend, for one. But, maybe (definitely) more importantly, it's Harry and Louis' Official Date Night - all caps.

Their Official Date Night has been a thing for four years, ever since they began high school and started dating. Now, they're seniors and have only missed a few nights, due to unavoidable reasons like siblings being born or having the flu (although that hasn't always stopped Harry).


Anyway, today is Friday. Louis sort of wants to fast forward through school to later on this evening, when their date is planned, but a larger part of him likes the anticipation - especially because this week it's Harry's turn to plan their night and he always manages to keep it a surprise. Most of Louis' day is going to be spent trying to figure out what Harry has planned for them, he can already tell.

He leans up, stretching and wincing at the sound his back makes as it cracks. After a few more moments of stretching, he gets out of bed - albeit reluctantly. He may love Fridays but he's never been too fond of having to leave his bed.

However, he's always been fond of his boy, and that's more than enough motivation to get up and get dressed.

He's not sure what their night will entail, but he knows that he probably won't get a chance to change before their date so he has to improvise. With Harry, there's a huge variety of activities they could be doing - anything from mountain climbing, to watching a movie, to breaking into an abandoned house and going exploring.

So. Not much to go on, clothes wise.

In the end he decides on his favorite lilac jumper (that he may or may not have nicked from Harry's closet), a pair or jeans that are both form fitting and extremely comfortable, as well as his favorite pair of Vans. He thinks he looks right fit, and he knows without a doubt that Harry is going to feel the same.

Once he's finished doing his hair, which has gotten much longer now (because Harry loves it and he'll do anything to keep Harry happy), he goes downstairs. His kitchen is full of girls (and one baby boy), and he grins - every time he sees his family he can't help but think of the family he and Harry are going to have one day, even as young as they are.

"Hello, dolls!" he sings, reaching down to scoop up one of the newest baby twins. "Good morning, little love muffin," he murmurs, planting a kiss on his baby sister's cheek. She gurgles back and he counts it as a win.

After a few more minutes of rushed good mornings and have a nice days as well as shoveling down breakfast, he's ready to go.

Right on time, there's a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" Louis shouts, and almost everyone rolls their eyes, because this happens every single morning.

"Harry!" Louis squeals as he opens the door. Not only does his boyfriend look absolutely stunning, dressed in a gorgeous oversized tan jumper and jeans as tight as sin, but he's holding a huge bouquet of red roses.

"Hi, baby," Harry smiles, handing over the bouquet sheepishly. He bites his lip, eyes looking Louis up and down slowly.

Louis takes a deep breath, trying not to bend over right then and there. He's weak for romantic gestures, sue him. With his bouquet in one hand, he uses the other to grab at Harry's arm. He squeezes a little, making sure to leave a mark with his thumb. Harry shivers, groaning a tad.

"Let's just. Car. Now," Louis says, placing his roses down delicately at the little table near the door (he'll have to ask him mom to put them in a vase later) shaking his head as he tries to lead Harry outside.

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