Chapter 18||love is like...

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"That is what I was afraid of, Marcus. But, you will figure something out, won't you? "
I asked nervously.

"Yes, Gracie. We will not give up on Kevin. We will just need your help, and with the proper information and resources, hopefully we will figure out what is wrong with him. Come on kiddo, let's grab what you need from this site, you will be traveling about 78 miles South of here and probably will not want to walk all the way back here. "
Marcus said, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't call me kiddo. "
I scoffed, giving Marcus the best angry look that I could whip up.

"Okay, sorry Gracie. But, the sooner we get this camp packed up, the sooner Kevin will get medical care. Okay? "
Marcus said reassuringly.

"Fine, but I am a Martian, I can run up to thirty-five miles per hour, without any problems. I can run up to forty-five miles per hour with a little effort. "
I said, trying to show off my capabilities. Marcus did not seem impressed.

"Gracie. It would not be safe with you out here all alone. Just get the stuff now. "
Marcus urged.

"Fine. "
I said, grabbing the camera radio, Kevin and my clothes, and some other random supplies from the rubble. It was just then that I noticed the neon masks, their were still ten of the left.

At Kevin's current breathing rate, they would last one hour a piece.

"Marcus, I am going to apply some neon masks to Kevin, there are ten of them and at his breathing rate, they'll last an hour a piece. That should stable his neon intake at least, that will be one good thing going for him until we get, um, to wherever the hell you said we was goin'. "
I stated puting one of the masks onto Kevin.

"Genius. That should help for now. "
Marcus said, a smile starting to spread across his face.

I went to grab the sleeping bag, but Marcus said that where we were going I would not need them. So, I left them alone. I put my supplies in one of Marcus's empty bags, and picked up Kevin and started to carry him.

"Holy crap Gracie! How can you do that so easily? "
Marcus asked shocked.

"It is easy. Speed is not the only thing that Martians have going for them. We can lift up four hundred pounds with one hand. So, Kevin is like a feather to me. "
I replied quickly.

"Hey, shouldn't we get going? "
I asked.

"Yeah, sounds good Gracie. You lead the way. "
Marcus said happily.


When we got back to the blacktop, I continued to cradle Kevin in my arms. Marcus got on some sort of communication device and got ahold of an ambulance that was to be used to transport Kevin.

We did not have to wait long, the ambulance was their, screaming siren wich I hated, but, hey, it was help! And I was not turnin' it down!

We loaded Kevin onto the back, into some sort of bed and Marcus and I conversed with the, what Marcus called,
About how to treat Kevin and what we knew would and would not improve his situation. The paramedics had a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that Kevin and I were actual Martians. But, eventually they accepted it.

Soon, we were off and they had some sort of music playing. The music was instrumental, none of which I had heard of, but it was really calming. Apparently I was breaking some sort of rule by sitting on the floor next to where Kevin was, but no one stopped me. So, I sat their, lost in thought as the trees of Red, yellow, gold, brown and green whizzed by. The music that they had playing was so peaceful, when all of a sudden, one that I did recognize came on. I squeezed Kevin's hand remembering how I use to love to dance to this slow love song. Kevin would always have to be bribed into dancing it, but oh how I wished I could dance the song with him again.


I listened as the first part, instrumental played, half expecting it to start singing soon. But, when it got to the guitar section, a wonderful flute blew the words in a symphony of wonderful sound instead. That did not matter, I knew every word in Martian and English. I closed my eyes and held Kevin's hand in mine. I didn't care who was around, but when the guitar and flute combination started, I sang along, the whole thing.

Love is like a snowflake
falling from the morning sky
It is stronger than forever
Even more than time.
Love is like a river
Flowing through the countryside
It is pure just like the liquid
That fills its depths to the eye.
Long paus.
Love is like a sunrise
Spreading light across the morning sky.
Brighter than the nighttime
Love is like the angels in the snow
Purer than the rains that fall from the skies.
Love is like a hero in disguise
Here to protect and be wise
Till the end of time.
Love is like
An angel in the snow.

When I was done, I looked around. Everyone was crying softly to themselves, they had their jaws hanging open and their faces were expressing awe. Outside the window, the trees with their beautiful color kept flying by, with the occasional break of what looked like grass, accept for it was green. I leaned over and kissed Kevin saying softly, "Ngiyakuthanda Kevin. Stay strong por me. "


Authors Note:

Please note that the lyrics do not actually correspond with the song. I made them up. No redistribution of my lyrics may be conducted. Thank you.
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