Something about him seems different.  When I met him before he was glowing and laughing, his cheeks rosy.  He was a fit man like in the pictures around the condo, filling into his large stature well.  Now, his cheeks looks slightly sunken in and he has lost some muscle mass.  He is still incredibly handsome, but his demeanor has changed.  He doesn't seem to be the joyful man I remember.

"Harry, where've you been?" He asks, finally, offering his son a smile.

"Working a lot, nothing special," Harry shrugs, eyeing his father intensely.  Anne looks back and forth between the two of them but stays silent.  "What about you, dad?" Something in Harry's voice sounds accusatory and the air in the room grows thick.

"I've been working too," he chuckles, sinking back into the sofa.  "I'm still working as a security officer at The Four Seasons.  Its such a lovely place."

"That's all you've been doing?" Harry asks, his tone hostile and his hand tightens on my leg.  I hurriedly place my hand on his and he jumps, turning to look at me quickly and loosening his grip before looking right back at his father.

"Harry, now is not the time," Anne cuts in, her voice serious and her eyes urging her son to stop.  "So, Skylar, what are you doing back in New York?" Everyone's attention shifts to me and I can feel my face heat up and my palms clam up.

"Um, I'm doing an internship at Parker for my last year.  There was nowhere else I was willing to go, I've been wanting to work at Parker for as long as I can remember." The more I talk about myself, the easier it becomes.

"Just like Harry!  I remember him always saying the same thing as soon as we moved here and he found out what it was," she says, her smile not straying from the wide smile she showed when we arrived.

I can't help but notice how cheery Anne is and that she never seems to stop smiling.  She looks lovely in a white blouse and dark jeans, a large pink stone hanging around her neck.   Her dark hair is pinned back out of her face so her smile is on display.  Her smile calms me, makes me feel welcome and I find myself more relaxed than I was before.  She also keeps glancing at Harry's hand on my leg and my hand on his. 

"So, you two work together then?" Joseph asks with a dark eyebrow raised.

"Yup, we work on the same marketing team," Harry mumbles, avoiding his father's eyes.

"Oh really?" He laughs lightly.  "How'd you swing that Harry?  Woking with your girl must make your days a lot easier to deal with," he continues to chuckle, but it's void of emotion and cold.  If I weren't so focused on how much he has changed from a fun loving man to a seemingly condescending and rude man, I would surely be blushing right about now.

"It must be lovely to work together," Anne smiles, turning the questionable remark into one of good nature.  "I worked with my boyfriend once -"

"Oh, mum, we're not together really... we're just, you know, seeing how things go..." Harry fumbles over his words, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink along with mine.  I had no problem with her thinking we were together, it kind of does feel that way after all.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it... I just think you two look so happy together right now, both grown up," she says as her cheeks flush.  Joseph snorts quietly and I catch him roll his eyes.  Harry starts to sit up on the sofa, his jaw clenched and I know it can't be good.  Thankfully, Anne stands before he can.  "Dinner should be ready, let's all head to the dinning room."

Dinner consists of Harry's mom asking me about California and what I was doing there.  Of course I left out the details of me sitting alone in my dorm room sulking over her son, but she seems satisfied nonetheless.  She even brings up Harry and I a few times, but she is shot down by a warning glance from her son.  I feel bad for her having to deal with Harry and his father both brooding, but I do my best to distract her from it by being polite and answering her questions.  I offer to help her clear the table and she accepts, gathering dishes and shooting a stern look at both Harry and Joseph before we head into the kitchen.

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