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It's been a month since Zach passed away.
They cremated him and had Zach's family come bury his ashes behind the recording studio.
It was his favourite place in the whole world, other than jack's arms.
Jack kept a bit of his ashes and put it into a necklace so that the boy will always be in his heart and close to his arms.
The four boys haven't read the letters yet, since they were still grieving their best friend.
Today was Zach's birthday. He would've been 18.

"Um guys?" Jack asked the tear stained, sleep deprived boys who were still cuddled together on the couch.

"Y-yeah?" Daniel sat up a bit.

"It's Zach's birthday today and I think we should read the letters, he would've wanted us to."

"Yeah, we should." Jonah agreed.

It turns out there was also a letter for Christina that they didn't see so, they called her over to join them. Zach was her best friend too so when she arrived, tear stained cheeks as well, the boys weren't surprised. Corbyn had invited her over to mourn with them but she declined and said she needed to be alone. Everyone has stayed off of social media except to announce heaven gaining a perfect angel named Zach. Life had become dull for the boys and their families.

Once Christina got there Jack handed out everybody's letter. He took a moment to trace the perfect handwriting on his. Zach was always good at that. A small tear spilled from his eye. Keep it together jack. He wiped the tear away. Jack noticed his envelope was thicker than the others but thought nothing of it.

"Jonah first."

Dear Jonah
I'm sorry for getting mad at you about your fidget spinner.
I'm sorry for putting you through all this pain.
I need you to continue being a big brother to the boys.
It made me feel safe.
It made me forget my problems.
They are going to need your comfort.
Remember, you need to be okay too.
Not just the boys.
Take care of yourself.
I love you, bro.
Love, Zachary" by the end he was in tears

"Don't worry Zach, I'm never going to stop being a big brother." He whispered.

Next was corbyn.

"Dear corbyn, Im sorry for yelling at you about your slime. Please keep your speed racer costume. It always brightened the mood. You guys are going to need it. Treat Christina like the queen she is. You only find one true love and I can see it in your guys' eyes that shes the one. Keep your goofy personality. When you're in the room, there's never a dull moment. Keep calm and aesthetic photography on. Love, Zachary." Corbyn cooed at the end and Christina gave him a small smile at the one true love part.

Then Daniel.

"Dear Daniel, I'm sorry. I never should've despised you. Jack loves you and I should've acted more mature about it. You better treat him right, Seavey. I will haunt your ass. Keep your smile. It always lit up a room. Don't get braces or anything to fix your gap.It's perfect just the way it is. Love, Zachary" Daniel giggled when Zach said he would haunt his ass then said "don't worry Zach, I'm pretty sure his heart belongs somewhere else now."

Then went me.

"Dear jack, You're so so beautiful. Your eyes, I could get lost in. Your lips, I could kiss forever. Your hair, I could play with 24/7. But, I can't. That's Daniel's job.You look happier with him anyways. Words can't explain how much I love you.And I know you don't love me back. I don't want any of you to blame yourselves for what I did. Especially you. It was me. I'm the reason I'm gone. I'm too weak. I won't give up on you, Jack Avery. I never could. I promise I will always watch over you. This isn't goodbye. It's just, see you soon. Stay alive. Don't do anything you will regret because of me.Love, Zachary." I was in tears. I wish he could kiss me and get lost in my eyes and play with my hair, but he's gone now. "I love you." I said to the air hoping he heard it. I thought I heard a faint 'I love you too.' But I just lost him, obviously my mind is playing tricks.

Lastly, Christina.

"Dear Chrissy, I freaking love you. Thank you for listening to my rants at three am. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on. I was lost, but you helped me find my way. Unfortunately, my stubborn ass took the wrong path. I would've been gone years ago if it wasn't for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Make sure these fuckers don't do anything retarded. I'm kidding! But seriously watch their every move. Continue with college. All the money left in my bank account for you. Buy whatever you want. I also left something for the boys. I want you to tell them. For Jonah I left my bravery. For corbyn I left my passion. For Daniel I left my kindness. And jack, I left my heart, and my love. Love, Zachhairy." (It's his nickname from her) Christina was smiling while tears were pooling out of her eyes. Even in a situation like this Zach can make people smile and cry.

Everybody hugged in a big circle. Tears soaking the carpet. They don't have to mourn Zach anymore. His memory isn't a sad one. It's one big one full of all the happy times they've shared with him. Little did they know Zach was sitting at the counter making fun of them.

"Pussys." He giggled.

Jack heard him. He turned around and there was Zach. Floating in his chair. Jack can see his love!


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