Chapter 10 - She's A Juvenile Scam, Never Was A Quitter

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Is Kara challenging me to race her? I can't, not without a cape, I don't think. Even though I'm smaller than she is, I'm also broader in the shoulder, so my build's a little more top-heavy and therefore less bulletlike. Or, more accurately, less like a bullet while it speeds and more like a bullet when it's impacted on a wall. Again, not very aerodynamic.

But as fast as we're both going, I can't help but notice the look of concern on her face. "What's wrong?" I ask.

She hems and haws before giving me an answer. "They think Lena Luthor's coming after you."

"Oh, her?" I play it off as casually as I can, even though inside, I'm ready to break out in cold sweat and scared screams. "What about her? She won't take me home with her or anything. I'll fight anyone who tries to make me." I wink at Kara. "Unless it's my family, of course. My real family." And to think, Lena would have me think Clark wasn't, regardless of our shared blood and species. Thanks to Kara and Barry, of course, I know better now. And thanks to Clark, too, both of them. And Diana, because she can't be forgotten.

I could be thanking my family all damn day. It feels so damn good to know I can say that genuinely for once in my life.

"Conner, don't be so cocky," Kara says gently.

"Me? Cocky? Perish the thought, cuz."

She smiles, as if wondering who the heck taught me to talk so casually. I'd want to blame Barry or Cisco - those two are some of the best male role models I've had in my life, ever. No offense to Clark, of course, but I accept that I'm simply not at his level of maturity yet. I'll hold off on declaring him a role model a little. Certainly until after I know him even better. Which doesn't make too much sense, I know, since I've barely known Barry or Cisco that long either. But they're the kind of guys, I think, that once you meet them, it's like you're old friends. Clark, though, he's just so awesome and so much larger than life. How can any of us compare?

Kara keeps on looking at me with that same concern, and now I'm concerned - that she's developing the ability to read my mind. "Listen...cuz." Now she laughs, as do I, because that word just doesn't sound quite right coming from her mouth. "I'm not underestimating your fighting skills, but you...your personal history is gonna cloud you and mess with those skills. Trust me on this, we Kryptonians aren't very good fighters when we get emotional."

"Are you trying to tell me to be stoic?" I ask in disbelief. "I hope it's not just 'cause I'm a guy."

Kara stops flying and moves in front of me, forcing me to brake very quickly and look up at her while she looks down with her arms crossed. Even when I float up so our eyes are level, I still feel like she's looking down.

I look down as well, contritely. "I'm sorry. That was uncalled for."

"But that's what I mean," Kara says. "Tamp down your emotions. I know it's harder for you 'cause you're a teenager, but you can't just not do it and use that as your excuse."

She's about to keep talking, but she stops as she hears something in the distance. Flying next to her, I turn my head the same direction and hear, somewhere nearby, Barry's voice. "I'm the angel who's gonna avenge my besties," he says.

"Who the hell's he talking to?" I ask. "And is that our Barry or this Earth's-?"

"Ours," Kara says firmly. "Trust me. Now shush, we don't wanna miss anything."

But I think whatever conversation Barry's having, it's either one-sided or over, because we hear nothing more. Soon, a scarlet streak comes out of a parking garage and stops on the street below, resolving itself into Barry's familiar form. Kara and I exchange quick glances before descending to his level. Both of us go slowly, but I'm still fast enough that I leave a bit of a crater - even a shallow one - in the asphalt.

"Who was that?" Kara asks.

Barry briefly pretends to be mystified that we heard him, but then his flash of a smile vanishes and he says, "Lena Luthor."

"You sure?" I ask. "I didn't hear her."

"That's 'cause you were too busy talking," says Kara.

"You saying you heard her?" I point out.

"No, because - again - you were talking!"

Barry holds up his hands until Kara and I stop yelling at each other. "Trust me," he says, "she's here, and she's looking like she means business."

"So what'd you do to take care of said business?" I ask.

He smirks. "I may have disconnected her car battery."

I pull a light punch to his shoulder, which by human standards is pretty much a death punch, but to my man the speedster, it's nothing to write home about. "I like your style."

"Well, that's taking care of her for the moment," Kara says. "How do we take care of her more long-term?"

"I have an idea." I look up in the general direction from which Barry came. "Where is she?"

"If she hasn't fixed her ride by now, up there." Barry points at a parking garage.

I screw my earbuds back into place and put on another old 80s song - "The Look" by Roxette. Damn, if Alex doesn't accidentally know my tastes... "You're gonna hate me for this," I tell Kara, "but I'm ready to confront that bitch."

"Which part am I gonna hate?" Kara asks. "The B-word? Or you going after someone who's probably ready to abduct you all over again?"

"Seriously, Kara, stop acting like I'm just a little kid-"

"I know you're not, but I still don't want you jumping into trouble at the first opportunity-"

"Uh, guys-"

"How the hell else do you expect me to grow as a hero and a fighter?"

Kara looks like she's about to concede to my wit, but she leans forward and doubles down on her resistance. "I just want you to grow, period!"

"It's not that I don't appreciate your maternal instincts-"

"Guys!" Barry jumps between us, pointing frantically at the parking garage entrance. "She's coming this way!"

I see her too, walking out of the garage. She looks every bit as imperious and cold as ever, now with a hint of disgust at having to actually walk like she's one of the hoi polloi. Well, sorry, lady, but Barry's not letting you get off that easy.

And neither will I.

Ignoring Barry and Kara's calls, I fly at her, ready to finally lay some smack down in retaliation for all she's done.

But I don't actually hit her. I only come close, pulling my punches exactly like I did for Barry. And not even letting them come close to hitting her either. As much as I loathe and despise Lena Luthor, I'm not about to kill her. Just scare her like she needs to have done. My true revenge, making her feel a small taste of what she made me feel so often.

"How you like me now?" I ask her with a crazed grin before feinting at her - and almost hitting her for real because she ducks the wrong way and comes very close to my fist. Unless she did that on purpose just to fuck with me? Who knows with her, honestly?

"What the hell are you doing?" Lena looks at me with the horror I hoped she would. "Just stop! Let me go! I haven't done anything!"

"Not today, but yesterday? All the yesterdays I was in your basement?"

"I'm sorry, Kon-El!" She holds up her hands in surrender, and I stop attacking. "I'm sorry! Let me set things right, please!" She then looks over my shoulder and gasps when she sees who's behind me. "Supergirl? Jesse Quick? And...who are you again?"

I turn around to see Kara and Jesse standing behind me with Barry by their side, and Cisco as well.

Great. Multiple witnesses to my outburst.

Especially Jesse. I guess that ends my shot at asking her out successfully. I mean, I still have time to try before we go home, but would she say yes? After this display, I'm doubting it, and that hurts me almost as much as allowing Kara and Barry to see me in this state.

Thank you, Lena Luthor, for bringing out the worst in me like you always have.

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