Chapter 15 - Where?

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It was darker here, the trees wrapping around each other like in a giant bear hug, only in not such a friendly and loving way. It was like a scene from Snow White; the trees seemed like they were trying to overtake the others, push them down, below them. The larger and stronger trees took control here, the ground was full of mud and there were brown leaves mixed in clumps, held together with the sticky substance.

The wind ripped through all the trees, weaving through them with ease as if it was riding on a track. I limped through the mud; it sticking to my dead feet.

I was more than exhausted, I had no energy left at all. None. I collapsed next to a small cold pile of leaves, resting my back against it as I was behind the large thick trunk, sheltered slighty from the wind by the towering grey roots. I wiped the cold sweat out of my eyes with a flop of my hand.

I was so cold, even from running that much, looking at my toes they were now had a grey tinge. My breath was fast and short, my brain and every other part of my body aching endlessly. My trousers were ripped, filthy, overthinned and had blood and grass stains filling every other thread. There was a steady leak of blood escaping from the side of my calf. I pulled it up to examine it closer and to try to stop the bleeding.

I pulled up my trouser leg gently, revealing thick lot of stick lodged inside a deep and long cut. The cut must of been at least one centimetre wide and five long. The stick was more like a small log. It was stabbed in very deep; half way in my leg.

I had to pull it out, the pain still riding through strongly and unbroken, the bleeding flowing and running down my leg; soaking my foot and my pale skin. Leaning firmly against the trunk of the leafless tree I got a firm hold on the wood, the pain increasing. Through clenched teeth and pulled gently, using not much strength at all. Tears came to my eyes are I cringed and moaned through my laboured breath. I heaved, a little harder this time, the stick only inching a tiny bit. It was stuck after that, I tried once more, my blistered and grazed hands clenching the splintering wood. I pulled as hard as I could, with the loss of energy I had. It didn't inch at all.

Tears came as the blood stopped flowing as much, at least I had staunched the bleeding, but for how long?

The agony was horrid, I felt like I was dying from pain.

I looked at my hands, they were sodden in blood and had glass sheds scattered around the dark blue bruises. I have to pull these out, no matter the pain I have to remove them for my advantage. Remember Hope, the pain of pulling them out is only temporary. It'll feel heaps better once they are out of your hands. The pain is worth feeling better.

With that I brought my left hand closer to my sweaty face and searched carefully for the shards in the dim light, pulling them out like prickles with my ragged nails. Soon enough I had my left hand thoroughly cleared of glass and I moved to my right hand, this one more injured. It had a large cut across my palm from the pinky almost to my thumb. It was bright red, but not as bruised. Yet. The wound was still weeping drops of rich blood down my wrist and to my elbow, them dripping off onto my pants. I had to stop this bleeding, I had to have two functioning hands, not bruised ones that were as black as Edward Scissorhands'.

Deciding to make the most of my holed pants, I poked my left hand through a hole near my ankle and pulled up on it savagely, soon enough it was ripped off as a strip and in my rough hands. Using my left fingers I wrapped the cloth around my gash and continued to wrap until I had no material left and tied a knot at the end with my hand and teeth. It was a rough, but neat finished product as a bandage.

I was running on non-existent energy and my vision faded to a midnight black...

"Hun, face it, you're a worthless little fat ass slob." One of the blonde bimbos said, expressing her feelings about me. Her name was Martha, one of the bitchiest girls - not to mention one of the sluts of the school.

"Don't even try to fit in, maybe you do with your skunk friends, but not here. This." She continued with a sweep of her arms "is where normal sized girls belong..." another blonde fake finished appearing from behind Martha.

They were blocking me from entering the school cafeteria where the cliques sat together to flirt with the opposite gender. My nightmare. Usually I would just purchase a no fat salad and sit in the corridor, but recently they had been coming up to me as I sat there and just spitting in my food, or just insulting me.

"Let me through." I came back at them with a determined tone.

"Sweetie, isn't it time you start dieting... perhaps eating less." Martha said in her cupcake innocent tone.

"Yes, you should be grateful for us doing this... we're basically helping you lose weight." The other blonde came in, one of Martha's followers. Turning a bit so I would get a clear view of her flat stomach.

I had already skipped breakfast this morning, just like all other mornings. I know that if I don't eat now I will certainly pass out like what had happened the other time I decided to skip both meals. I had some sort of reaction if I didn't eat more than two meals, like my blood sugar or energy getting low.

"Let me through." I said with a stronger tone.

"Make us move, slut."

"I'm sorry, but what are you gonna do? Send your hippos onto us?" Martha snickered back.

"Bitches." I said lowly and walked off.

"And proud of it!" They yelled down the hall as I heard their stiletto heels click as they returned to their lunch table with the rest of their clique.

I passed out during my next class - Spanish. Disappearing with the sound of Martha and her friends laughing ruthlessly at my large structure.

I opened my swollen eyes to the strengthening wind batting my frail body. If only they could see me now. Who'd be saying I'm fat now?

Leaves were scattered around with the wind and dust was blown into my eyes, blinding me more. Morning light had turned into a midday glow that brought the mud and leaves to a lighter and more blinding shade of orange, yellow and brown. The glow also shaped around the almost leafless trees, ready for Winter to strike.

It felt as though Winter was already here, I was so cold I could have been a snowman, literally. I stretched my cramped arms slowly and sat upright, feeling slightly better. Supporting myself with my now less painful hands, I pushed myself up slowly and shakily.

When I gained the strength in my feet and steadied myself I decided to get a move on; out of the wind. I had to find a more sheltered place otherwise I would freeze to death. My legs obeyed my commands and I started moving, limping harshly, but still gaining ground. Staying close to the windbreak of the trees I travelled along. I wouldn't stop until I found a safe and warm place to get more rest...

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