Part 23 (2)

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Jodi: "Georgie, what's going on?"

Georgie: "I see his van. Surely he can't grab me in public?!"

Jodi: "Even the stupidest of people wouldn't do that."

Georgie: "Oh god oh god oh god! He's got out of the bloody van!" 

Jodi: "Run. Run into a shop! Speak to someone!"

Georgie (barely audible): "Excuse me? Yeah, sorry to alarm you, but that man there is trying to kidnap me!"

Jodi: "Yes Georgie!"

??? (barely audible): "What do you mean?!"

Georgie (barely audible): "I'm not from around here! I've just escaped from that guy's van

??? (barely audible): "Oh my gosh, we must go find a police man!"

Georgie (barely audible): "Please! I'm really scared."

??? (barely audible): "Who are you on the phone to?"

Georgie (barely audible): "My friend. All my contacts and stuff were deleted so I can't call my parents. She called me and now she's the only one I've got. Plus, she helped me escape."

??? (barely audible): "Right, I'll take you to the police station. It's only a couple of streets away."

Georgie: "Thank you so much! Jodi, this is brilliant!"

Jodi: "I know right! I heard it all."

???: "Right, what's you name and age? You only have to tell me your first name if that's all you're comfortable with."

Georgie: "Well... I'm Georgie, and I'm thirteen."

???: "You're very brave, Georgie. Very brave."

Georgie: "Thanks... but he's going to kill my family."

???: "What?!" 

Georgie: "He said he's going to kill everyone I ever loved, and he's going to. Please don't let him!" (Audibly crying)

???: "Don't worry, the police will catch him before he can. Now, we're here."

Georgie: "Promise no-one will get hurt?"

???: "Promise. Now, do you want to do the talking?"

Georgie: "OK."

Jodi: "C'mon Georgie, you can do this!"

Emily: "Go on Georgie!"

Georgie: "Hello."

??? (2): "Well hello there. What are you reporting?"

Georgie: "A kidnapping."

??? (2): "A what?! We must chase him immediately! Who's been kidnapped?"

Georgie: "This may get confusing, but I was. I was taken from my home town a few hours ago, and I've managed to get away."

??? (2): "Right, can we have your name and age? First name is only necessary if the last name isn't wanting to be shared."

Georgie: "My name is Georgina, or Georgie for short, and I'm thirteen, but PLEASE hurry! He's going to kill my family and friends! He said he will! Please!"

??? (2): "OK, you come with me. We'll get the whole police force after him. You, you brave girl, will be under our watch and protection. He could be in a gang."

Georgie: "Thank you so much. I just want to go home."

Jodi: "Georgie?"


Jodi: "YAY!"

Emily: "Brilliant!"

Jodi: "I'm so glad you're safe, and I've been trying so hard not to cry this whole time."

Georgie: "Bless. So have I, to be honest, and I think I'll break down again."

Emily: "Oh please don't! I'll cry again!"

Georgie (now in tears): "I'm sorry!"

Part 23 (3) out soon :)

Just gone through some of the comments, and honestly got quite emotional at the nice comments. I'll try and reply to some of them later, because I love seeing them. It's such a motivation, and I'll try not to cry again hehe 

Love you all xx

Georgie ;p

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