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Pen Your Pride

TTR. Chapter 4

~recap chapter 3~

"Kyle its not the time to get all macho protective. I haven't seen him in years" I snickered pushing him out my way "we're going to be back in a few minutes. Relax okay" I reassured

"Fine" he muttered followed by a few other words that I don't even want to hear

"Bye lads!" Liam waved

Zipping up my jumper now realizing how cold it had gotten. Liam and I started to walk toward the small cafe.

"Well now you got me all to yourself" I smirked trying not to say anything stupid

"And that I do. Kyle must not like me very much or any of the boys" Liam chuckled

"No, he's just overprotective of me. Don't take it to seriously" I let out slightly shaking my head at Kyle for being so rude to guests

"I know. He does seem like a nice lad" Liam smiled holding the door open. Letting me walk in. What a gentlemen I thought letting a light smile form on my face. Boy I missed him!

"So. I really wanted to talk about how we ended things of last time" Liam sighed

"Liam, it was hard. But I moved on" I lied all the feelings that I had for him before he left came back as soon as I saw him in that studio today.

"Oh no Tanya you don't understand I have a..." that's when Liam was cut of by the waiter asking for our orders

"When I found out about you. I had to set things straight again. Last time I left you heart broken" he admitted staring down at his cup

"I was stupid and niave. Forget about it, the past is the past after all" I said trying to comfort him with my words when in reality I don't even want to think about it cause I might just burst into tears.

"No you weren't trust me. Its just things weren't going to work out"

"I know with the x-factor and everything you already had enough stress. I totally understand" I sighed now trying not to let the tears that were now forming to fall.

"Well you didn't deserve it. After all you did for me" he smiled probably noticing my change in mood

"All those people were jerks who didn't know what an awesome person you are. So I just had to show it to them" I stated remembering how broken he used to be everyday i'd seem him in the halls at school so sad and defeated I had to help him. And I did then things just clicked.

"Thanks for everything basically even though I did leave you hanging when I left to audition" he said resting his hand over my hand to reassure me

Feeling my tearing on the verge of spilling out as they got heavier and heavier I breathed "can we get out of here and. Go for a walk or something?"

"Sure love, let's go". He sighed trying not to sound a tad bit disappointed

"Liam I'm sorry its just....... its hard remembering everything" I claimed walking out into the cool air again, the fresh air one not filled with the smell and aroma of coffee, it calmed me down.

"I understand" he smiled when all the sudden we were surrounded by flashing cameras, people holding microphones asking Liam to much questions.

Looking up at Liam in dispair not knowing what to do he shrugged and grabbed hold of my hand not answering any questions asked by the paparazzi.

Finally the paparazzi gave up slowly each of them disappearing until they were all gone.

"Sorry about that love. It comes with the whole heart throb boyband" Liam smirked gripping my hand tighter just like old times

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