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" WE NEED BLOOD TYPE O!!! " the nurse screamed running out of the emergency room and looking around.

Ezras heart stopped for 2 minutes and 23 seconds and at that moment, nothing mattered to me. Not a thing ..

You fall in love? Then you'll have to fight, you have to know that it will not be easy. Not EVER..
mom told me 2 days before she died.

Zoey knew how to do CPR and I'm thankful for that, it made time for him. For us .

" me I'm type O " Sasha said from behind and started walking forward, her hands were resting on the left side of her heart like she felt him .

Tears are falling and my own heart is aching , thats when I totally broke falling on the hospitals floor screaming Ezras name in a panicked tone .

" NOOOOO , dear God please nooo" Blue came to my side and held me close  between her arms making it worse.

" not like thisss please "

" shhhhh, he's going to be fine I know it " Blue whispered " he's strong "
I couldn't breath, somehow the air seemed to become thick all of a sudden and I started gasping but nothing happened.

And all went to black .
When I woke up I wished that everything was just a nightmare and that now it is gone forever, but non if what I wished came true.
I was laying on a bed in one of the rooms in the hospital and on the side of my bed was Becca she sat there silently on the plastic chair but when she saw that I have finally woken up she jumped off her chair and was instantly very close to me .

" hey " she whispered

" Ezra ?" Is all I said back

Becca sighed with a smile on her face and hope made its way to my face .

" he's okay but still unconscious "

"Oh god " I whispered breathlessly " oh god thank you " thats when I cried and screamed, he was alive, he is not dead .

A smile crept it's way to my face and I was finally relieved.

He didn't leave

But then I remembered that I had something to do. Someone who had to pay .

" becca " I said now with a serious tone getting off the bed and making my way to the rooms door " did you find that son of a bitch "

" well it's a she "

" I don't care "

32 minutes later

We arrived at the gang house furious and I was ready to smash the scull of someone.

We arrived at the gang house furious and I was ready to smash the scull of someone

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( what she's wearing )

We were walking down the stairs when I heard a familiar voice a voice I know so well yet I still can't put my fingers on it . I walked faster and entered the basement and was shocked by whom i saw sitting on the bloody chair .

" Rachel ?"

" hey bitch "

I walked straight and fast towards her and gave her a good punch on her pretty little face nocking her of the chair and to the ground causing her head to hit it . I still wasn't satisfied so I Kept on hitting her on and on and on till there was blood gushing out of both her mouth and nose and she couldn't bring her self to lift her head off the ground.

" why did you do it bitch "

Rachel started laughing like a mad woman then started talking " well the shout was meant for you so I can have Ezra all to myself but the I thought ohh why shouldn't I hurt you by shooting him and walllllaaaah "

She's mad, she is officially mad

" and I wanted you to hurt so bad because you took away everything man I was interested in Ely , Ezra they always pick you over me and now you killed Ely don't you dare deny it bitch don't you dare!!!"

How can she know all this information ??

" how on earth do you know all this ??" I asked immediately.

" I'm not a idiot Rosalie I have my resources "

" oh really, then let your resources help you now " i said making my way out of the basement and talked to the guard " she doesn't get any food till I say so and every 2hours throw and icy bucket of water on her and put her in a freezing room for 20 minutes and lets hope she dies"

I hope she does.

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