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Today's the day.... Lucy thought, walking towards the guild.

It's almost time... thought Natsu as he fought with Gray


Believe it or not, Natsu had tried confessing to Lucy about his feelings. It completely failed. Natsu had chickened out at the last minute and told her that he had needed her Celestial Spirit, Virgo, to help him dig something up. That was Natsu's first attempt, but it was ages ago. 

Today he was positive he was going to do it. Heck, he had reharsed for hours in the bathroom at home. If he chickened out today, too, he swore he was going to beat himself up. Besides, he knew mating season was coming soon, as soon as the day of Feburary 14 came, he might forcefully hurt her, and he didn't want to see the love of his life hurt. It teared him to pieces to even think about it.  

Natsu felt something soft and squishy under him. Everyone froze around him. He slowly turned his head back to see that he had smashed up Erza's cake. Before he got a chance to do anything, he was flying out the guild ceiling. 

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU GUYS ABOUT FIGHTING!" Erza yelled as she flung Gray in another direction. 

"Gomennasi!" they both said, returning seconds later rubbing the bumps on their heads. 

"Don't worry Erza," said a voice from behind. "I'll buy you a new one."

Vanilla and strawberries. The only smell that Natsu can never get tired of. He turned around to see Lucy, with her smile on and an unusual glow around her. It was hard to contain his inner dragon. He flashed on his infamous grin. 

"Mornin' Luce," he said. 

"Hey, Natsu!" she said.

"He liiiiiikes her," yelled Happy, who was instantly kicked by Lucy.

"Shut it, cat!" she yelled, an anime tick appearing on her forhead. She went over to the bar and asked for a strawberry smoothie from Mira.


"Did he ask you?" asked both Mira and Levy at the same time. They both knew about Lucy's crush on her best friend, and they both knew that Lucy was hoping that Natsu would ask her to be his Valentine, since Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Lucy shook her head. She looked up at Mira and Levy.

"What about you guys," Lucy asked with a sly smile. Mira and Levy bothed blushed. 

"Wh-what do you mean?" asked Levy, trying to hide her red face in a book. Lucy closed the book and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Ya know, I am  GaLe and MirAxus shipped, after all."

"Mir...Axus?" said Mira. "When did you come up with that?!" 

"A few week ago. You still haven't answered my question..."

The other two remained silent, and Lucy caught on. 

"Congrats," she said, finishing her drink.  Mira soon left to go serve some of the others, leaving both Levy and Lucy alone.  "Oh, Levy. I finished the new chapter of my book!"

"Why didn't you bring it with you!" Levy asked. "You left me off at a cliffhanger! But tell me... is the book based off of Gajeel and I?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. What led you to think that?"

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