1.18 The End

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Leo takes a few steps back, hands in the air in surrender

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Leo takes a few steps back, hands in the air in surrender.  "Isa," he starts.

I don't want to listen to him because whatever it is, it's just going to be lies. I stare at Leo for a moment, then behind him. We are too close to the building, and vampires will hear the fight and come to his rescue. I turn around and run, trying to get as deep as I can into the woods.

Like a blur that only leaves a trail of color in its path, Leo is in front of me. He doesn't stop for a moment as he grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me back so hard my feet leave the ground and I am thrown back a few feet. I don't go far as a tree stops my small flight. My back connects with the tree hard hurting me and a small grunt leaves my lips as I fall on all fours to the floor but stand up, glaring at Leopold.

Leo returns my glare with one of his own, but behind his glare, there is a hidden plea begging me to listen. But I refuse to pay attention to him. I lift my leg high enough making it connect with Leo's chest as he was trying to stand in front of me. The force was too strong and makes me stumble backward as a dull pain begins on the feet that hit Leo's chest.

Leo slightly stumbles backward, making me believe he is just giving me space to recuperate. I recover fast and run towards him doing a slight jump. Leo's hands instinctively go up to hold on to my body in a protective matter. I take the opportunity to strike him since he's not blocking my foot and make sure his chest gets hurt yet again.

The impact throws Leo to the floor on his back, me on top of him. I keep a knee on his chest to keeps his body on the floor, and with my hands, I hold on to his, keeping them at each side of his body.

This was a rocky mistake on my part because as soon as I lift my hand to grab my stake Leo would have the chance to free himself.

"Isa... Please-"  Leo groans.

The vulnerability in his tones pisses me off to the point of stupidity. I let go of one of his hands and turn towards my feet to grab my wooden stake, giving Leo the opportunity to throw me off him. A surprised yelp escapes my lips as I fly off him backward until another helpful tree connects with my back so hard that I fall to the ground on my knees.

This time there's a crack sound, and pain erupts on my back. I breathe through the pain. Leo's facial expression mimics the one that's definitely on my own face but he's not getting hurt physically... at least not yet. He walks towards me slowly and once again he's in front of me, hands extended as to help me get on my feet. One of my hands is holding onto the wooden stake as if it was a lifesaver, so I take Leo's hands and stand up slowly.

"Now listen-" Leo starts.

 I bring the stake fast into his cheek and slide it against the face with such force that my weapon makes a horrible gash. Leo hisses in pain, stumbling backward and putting a hand on his cheek, blood pours through his fingers. I run towards him and go to slam the stake into his throat when he blocks it with his arm making the stake plunged into it breaking the skin and more blood spills. He backs away from me fast.

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