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[6th Grade graduation]
(Your /Saeyoung's P.O.V)

It's finally graduation day. All of our hard work really paid off I'd say. After we got off the stage, Kim Jisoo, my bestfriend went up to me.

"hey Saeyoung?"


"I have to tell you something."

"What is it?"

Why do i feel that this is actually going to be bad. My heart is actually beating so fast and is about to go out of my chest. Jisoo  inhaled deeply and is about to say something that made my heart tear into tiny pieces.

"We're moving and I'm going to change school, we're going to see each other for the next 3 years."

I stood there silently for a second, thinking for an anwser. I can't loose Jisoo even it's for only 3 years. She's my bestfriend and i only feel comfortable in school with her. Why does this have to happend.

Finally i just smiled and hugged her so tightly. I raised my pinky and said something

"Don't forget me even if we are far away from each other, okay? Pinky swear?"

Jisoo raised her pinky and did a pinky promise

"Pinky swear."

"I need to go now Saeyoung, see you again in the near future." She said as she was waving and starting to go away. It hurts see your bestfriend going away from you.

3 years...

[A U T H O R ' S    N O T E]
Hi guys! So.. This is my first fan fiction and NO this is not a chapter 1. This is just a prequel just to give a little story that will help you in the future chapters that's why it's really short. Im also sorry if the name "Saeyoung" isn't too fitting... You can just think of any name if you're not okay with it. I'll update chapter 1 as fast as possible~     ^u^ peaceee outttt

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