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Outpost 88 came into existence because I wanted to explore the relationship between Jennifer and Genevieve, and because I wanted to give a little glimpse into Jennifer's recovery. Their relationship was something that I hadn't initially planned on. I usually intend for relationships to begin: Grey and Kyra, Allan and Callie, Drake and Eric. But Jennifer and Genevieve just kind of grew naturally.

Those are the best kinds of relationships to write about.

And on top of that, their relationship is just interesting. I mean, I think so at least. Jennifer is a competent, friendly asexual woman and Genevieve is a cold, calculating government assassin who has a lot of difficulty with basic social interaction, let alone intimacy. I think part of the reason I like the relationship is because it would have been easy to write about two attractive women in a highly sexual relationship. Everyone does it. But it seems really rare to have two attractive women in a sexless but romantic relationship, and they're both okay with it.

Otherwise, I don't have a whole lot to say about this. As it sometimes ends up, the situation was more about the characters than the plot. Jennifer and Genevieve were forced to combat a new threat and it turned out all right.

I hope it was a fun read. Up next is LETHAL CARGO.

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