Ch 2: He thinks he's fly.

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My night was going the same as always: I made dinner as my dad watched, then we sat down at the rickety table and listened to the radio while we ate. Tonights menu included Easy Mac with cut up hot dogs mixed in.

"Thank you, Rachael Ray," My dad smiled, scooping a generous amount onto his doubled paper plates and changing the radio from country to the old rock station.

I sat down and took about half what he did, getting quite sick of mac and cheese from the box. But it was quick, cheap, and something to eat. I didn't complain.

About halfway through our not-so-gourmet meal, there was a knock at the door. Usually, I would have told whoever it was to come in. Instead, I had to get up and unlock it. The new kid, Richard, was standing on the steps looking down at me. Gosh, he was tall.

"Uh, hi," I smiled. He was awfully cute. He needed a hair cut, but he was cute.

"Hi, I'm Kels." He smiled awkwardly, "I just moved in with my aunt next door."

"I'm Holland," I nodded, leaning against the door in what I hoped looked like a flirty, cute pose. "But you can call me Holly."

"And you can call me Holly's Father," My dad said loudly from behind me.

I sighed. The flirty, cute vibe was gone. "Yep, that's my dad."

"Right, well I just wanted to holler at you real fast, but I see you're busy with dinner," he nodded, turning around and walking off. With a quick wave, not looking back he added, "I'll catch you later, Holly."

"Uh, okay?" I shut the door , not feeling like I needed to lock it because he showed no interest.  I plopped back into my chair and sipped my water.

"He just washed to holler at you girl," my dad mimicked.

"Shut up," I giggled.

He shrugged, "I'm just saying. What kind of name is Kels, anyway?"

"If your name was a Richard, you'd want to be called something else, too."


Now don't get me wrong, I'm a seventeen year old girl with a cute boy living next door. Of course I was hoping he'd take interest in me, but I did not hope that he'd knock on my window at three AM and scare the shit out of me. But that's exactly what he did.

One minute I was sitting on a beach somewhere, the next minute I was jumping up in bed and swinging my arm around so fast that I I knocked my lamp off of my bedside table. Fortunately, it landed on my jeans and didn't make a sound.

I looked to the window, where Kels was holding a flashlight under his chin and giving me a smile. He was a lunatic. I pushed my window up slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible. There was no screen, so I contemplated punching him in the face. I hissed, "What are you doing here?"

"Well hello to you, too, sunshine."

I looked at my alarm clock, which glowed red in the dark, reminding me I should be sleeping. "It's two AM."

"Yeah, and you're sleeping," He said, as if I shouldn't be. "Who's really in the wrong here?"


"Shh! You'll wake your dad up," he aid, cupping his hand over my mouth.

I pushed his arm away from me. "Are you insane?" Before he could say anything else, I pulled the window shut and yelled, "Daddy!" Let's just say, Kels was out.

"What's wrong, princess?" Dad asked, running into my room with a baseball bat and flipping on the light switch.

"I, uh, thought I heard something," I lied. "Must have been a dream."

"You're sure you okay?" My dad asked me several times before going back to bed.

I locked my window and pulled my curtains shut, rethinking getting involved with the cute boy next door. Because he was a lunatic.


The next morning, I enjoyed my cereal with milk and let my dad sleep in. Then I went for a walk, as it wasn't snowing yet and I had nothing better to do. I walked to the left so that I didn't have to pass Kels' aunt's house, but it was a circle so I knew I'd have to piss it on my way around.

I waved hello to everyone, then when I was almost home, I saw Kels sitting in the back of the red truck with his headphones on, rapping quietly to himself. He had his hood up, and I was hoping he wouldn't see me, but he looked up just as I was passing by.

"Ay, Daddy's Girl!"

"Shit," I muttered, stopping in my tracks and spinning to look at him. "What's up?"

"Nothing much," he said, hopping out of the bed if the truck and stepping up to me. "Sleep well?"

"After you left," I said, crossing my arms.

"Yeah? I was surprised you wanted me to leave."

"Were you?"

"Yeah, actually. Most girls sneak out with me when I knock on their windows," He smirked, leaning down and blowing minty breath into my face. "Or they let me in."

God, he was hot.

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