Chapter 6

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  It was about two months and three weeks after the Servamps,had found their Mates.

  Or,in this story,Eves.

  They had bonded together,whether it be by force or persuasion by both Mahiru and Lily. Mahiru and Lily really did suffer these two months.

  Nonetheless,due to their hard work,the Servamps and Eves had bonded together,and their bonds were stronger than before.

  They weren't random strangers now.

  Jeje was a bit impatient, and marked Mikuni by the start of the second month. Only when Mikuni had announced it,did they know about it.

  And man,you should've seen Misono's face then.

  It was priceless!

  His mouth was wide,and he dropped his pen that he was holding. His eyes were so big,that you would've thought that he was an alien at that point.

  Mahiru took a moment to digest it all in,but nonetheless congratulated him.

  Licht didn't respond,he didn't really care.

  Tetsu congratulated him on the phone using Face-Time,and said that he would be rooting for the two.

Yes,one way or another,Tetsu found out.

Lily had managed to keep himself controlled completely from Misono's scent,and he didn't even falter when the both of them were pushed together.

When Freyja (Mother/Wrath) came back with her mate, the rest of the Eves were shocked on who her mate was.

It was their geeky-technician friend,Izuna.

Izuna was also shocked. She knew that the Servamps had already chosen their Eves,and the Eves had coincidentally known each other and were friends.

But she did not know,that the Eves were actually Mikuni's group.

They chit-chatted for a long time,as Izuna was always away. She studied overseas for her 'Technician' and 'Engineer' career.

However,she did not expect to meet Freyja in her journey.

(A/N: 'Freyja' is Mother's/Wrath's codename here.)

Freyja got attracted to her scent,and the two became close friends,without Izuna knowing that Freyja was an Alpha.

She only told Izuna the truth when Izuna said that she wanted to return back to where Mikuni and the rest were at.

  She requested that Izuna would become her Eve,and Izuna accepted it.

And that was the reason why Freyja and Izuna were away.

  They are now staying at the mansion,as well as the rest.

  Licht noticed that Izuna hadn't aged at all,and questioned her about it.

  Izuna laughed,and explained that when an Omega gets marked by a higher-tier of an Alpha,they become immortal.

  (A/N: I dislike the fact that the Eves would die,and the Servamps would be left alone again. So,I changed it.)

  They were shocked,they didn't know that fact.

So,it has been two months,and three weeks after the Servamps had found the Eves. The rest, excluding Kuro and Hyde,pretty much had complete control over their mate's scents.

  However,I said 'Excluding Kuro and Hyde'.

  The two barely had any control over their Omega partners.There were times where they wanted to be savage beasts and just devour their prey there and then.

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