17. Greed

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❝ greed ❞

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THE photograph of her smiling happily made his heart hurt even more. Jungkook stayed there on his knees in front of her photo. His eyes were swollen and dark circles were visible under those eyes. He couldn't sleep but cried the whole night.

It wasn't easy for him to see when she was getting buried. Everyone already left after the funeral but there he was still crying while staring at her precious smile on the photograph.


"Jungkook." He looked back with eyes full of tears and there stood her sister with her swollen eyes.

And he couldn't look straight into her eyes. "Can we talk?" she asked and Jungkook nodded before following her outside.

The sky was already dark up there. On the way, there stood Jihae and Jimin talking to each other. Jungkook thought they left with his other hyungs but they were still waiting for him. They stopped talking and looked at him when they saw him walking out.

Jungkook and Miran's sister walked past them and went to the garden. She sat there on the bench and patted the space beside her.

"Noona, yesterday you were talking about her surgery." Jungkook sat beside her.

Those words from yesterday about the surgery was killing him inside. "I'm here to tell you about that," she said while forcing a smile.

Even though he was ready to hear her words, he still wanted to hear. "You remember the time when she went to visit her grandmother?" she asked. He did remember it was about a month ago.

"Yes!" Jungkook nodded his head while staring at the dark sky.

Tears were already pouring down his eyes. "She lied to you. She never left Seoul," she said and wiped her tears away. Jungkook silently cried while listening to her.

The words her sister said left him speechless. "She had some defects in her eyes, so she had to go through an eye surgery. She didn't want you to worry about her, so she lied to you. She used the money you gave for her surgery."

And he was still to process her words in his head but his tears weren't stopping at all. "She was busy because she had to attend a session of some eye exercises. A single session was very costly and she started asking money from you," she said.

Jungkook couldn't speak because of too much crying. His nose was already runny and his head started aching like hell.

"I told her not to ask more money from you since you could get tired of her. But she didn't listen to me because she trusted you that you won't get tired of her," she continued while sobbing.

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