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        After the hectic and dangerous two weeks the teenagers had endured things were seemingly back to normal. Maybe just a little too normal; the kids continued playing D&D, now with their best friend back. Nancy put her head down and got on with her important school work. Corina went back to being the bitch of the year and incredibly secretive — Mary still had an attitude, although, slightly improved.

         One of the things taking up Mary's time was her father letting her tag along during his police business, telling her it was an unofficial apprenticeship. Mary didn't care what he called it, she was helping with real work — finally, at last.

         Before she knew it, Christmas was right around the corner. She had briefly visited her mother in New York, meeting her little sister for the first time; it had been a bittersweet moment, but the second Mary held her in her arms she felt an unbreakable bond and she knew she'd never allow anything bad to happen to the child.

           However, she only stayed for the weekend leading up to Christmas, desperate to get back home — after all the chaos, Mary enjoyed Hawkins being just the typically old quiet town it always was, for once she wasn't bouncing for an adventure. She'd had enough of that.

         Instead she spent most of her time with Charlie, either over at his house or outdoors, enjoying the snowy weather whilst wrapped up like Eskimo's. They were both just rather content, to be spending time with each other and not feeling the pressure of being the cool kids anymore — they, alongside Steve had split from the toxic waste that was Carol and Tommy, never to return. They did better on their own and don't need the extra baggage.

       And Steve, he had got back together with Nancy after she forgave him, seeing that he was changing for the better, much like his best friend, both of them taking drastic personality changes where they thought more of other people than themselves — though, their cocky and snarky attitudes would never go away.

          Jonathan and Mary never discussed that kiss outside the school when their whole worlds were falling apart. Mary wasn't sure of her feelings towards Jonathan and he her, but she knew she was in love with Charlie and that was enough reason to not go explore feelings that could have been there. However, Mary appreciates his friendship and would occasionally swing by his house and chill out.

         Mary's relationship with her father was beyond good — of course two temperamental people had their ups and their downs but still, they were doing better than they ever had. They were more open and Mary stopped tying to make him so miserable all the damn time. They actually communicated and Mary loved it.

         And so, on Christmas Day, Mary was extremely happy, even inside the trailer that had been drastically cleaned and fixed — courtesy of Joyce whom had yelled at her father enough to make him actually tidy the place.

         The girl sat on the sofa, her feet propped onto the table, sitting with a Santa hat on her head and a Christmas sweater with the words "Merry Christmas" scrawled over it in Italic. She was watching It's A Wonderful Life, one of her personal Christmas favourites.

          She was waiting for Charlie and Jonathan to drop by whilst her father had gone out, to only god knew where, Mary found he disappeared from time to time but she was never phased, she assumed he needed his personal time.

         Her ears were blessed with excitement when the front door was knocked on and she hopped out of her seat, hurrying to the door to greet both Steve and Jonathan that had came over at the same time.

          Upon opening the door she was met with her smiling boyfriend in which she gave him a big kiss on the lips, smiling happily, "Merry Ho-Ho!" She exclaimed, holding the door open and inviting the boys in whom chuckled at her words as they unravelled their Christmas scarves.

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