Chapter 2

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Chapter Two-

Catalina's POV-

I woke up and Emmet was already gone. Well this was a great start to my pregnancy.

-Calm down. You just have to make Emmett see how great it could be having a female leader.- My wolf told me.

She was right. I got out of bed and walked to the closet. I found a black tank top with a scoop neck that had red sequins across the whole top. I grabbed my jean short shorts and paired them with red Dexters shoes. I loved them!

I walked downstairs and sat at the counter top while grabbing an apple from a bowl. Lacey, a girl from the pack walked in and started making herself some breakfast.

"Good morning Luna." She addressed me.

"Good morning Lacey. Please call me Cat."

She sat down next to me and are her eggs and bacon. We started having a real nice conversation.

"So do you have a mate?" I asked her.

"Yeah his name is Thomas. Thomas Miller. We've been together a year now." She answered.

"That's cute. I'm glad you found him."

The conversation just kept flowing for a good two and a half hours. I had finally made a best friend after being here so long. I knew I was going to be able to tell her everything. Plus, I finally had a girl to help me with my pregnancy.


Emmett's POV-

I left before Cat woke up so I could go to my office and think about what she said. I called my Beta Xavier in to help me.

"Man, I just don't know what to do. We've never had a female Alpha. What if the pack goes into an uproar? I can't be the cause of that." I asked him

"This pack will follow you through a war and to the ends of this Earth. They will certainly respect your decision."

"I guess you're right." I admitted.

With that, I left him and went to find my mate. I walked into the living room and found her with a pack member Lacey. They were watching some movie but I thought it was okay to interrupt them.

"Kitty? Can I talk to you?" I asked.

She looked at me and then turned right back to the movie. Lacey didn't like disrespecting me in any way so she just bowed her head down.

"Cat, please it's important." I begged.

"No, I don't think it is. It wasn't important enough for you to stick around this morning." She argued.

My wolf wasn't liking the disrespect she was showing us. He growled a bit. I saw her eyes widen the slightest bit at it.

"Catalina Joy I'm being serious. You know what? Fine. Don't talk to me. You wait until your pregnancy heat starts in. You just better remember the way you're treating me now." I said and stormed out.


Catalina's POV-

My eyes widen when he left.

"What's the difference between my normal heat and pregnancy heat?" I asked Lacey.

"Well, for starters it lasts a whole month for some girls. It's exactly like a normal heat but more powerful. The Moon Goddess created it to ensure you were pregnant. Your mate will be the only one who can help you. That's like normal. Your smell will be stronger than the normal heat so males will be drawn to you ten times worse."

Oh great. I was really going to be in the dog house. How did he expect to plan our wedding if he was going to be crappy to me? I just want my baby to be special whether it's a boy or a girl.

"Lacey, will you help me plan my wedding? And will you please be my maid of honor?" I asked.

She started jumping up and down screaming! I guess she was excited to start because she ran up to her room and came back down with a binder full of papers. Oh great, she was one of THOSE girls. I was definitely going to enjoy being friends with her.


After three hours, yeah you read that right. Three hours of wedding plans. With no help from Emmett either might I add. That boy really knows how to push my buttons.

I trudged up the stairway to our room after saying goodnight to Lacey. I opened the door to our room and found him on playing on his phone laying on the bed. I didn't say anything to him. I just put on my pajamas and went to my side of the bed.

Emmett put his phone on the charger and rolled so his chest was against my back. He placed his hand on my hip but I growled at him.

"Catalina, stop. I don't like the disrespect and neither does my wolf." He said angrily.

"Where do you get off touching me after you told me I was going to have to come begging you. So no. You and your wolf can shove it. I spent three hours planning our wedding and you haven't helped a bit! Our wedding is supposed to be important. We are the Alpha and Luna for goodness sake! So next time you threaten me that I'm gonna need you don't just come back to me and expect it to be okay." And with that, I grabbed a pillow and headed downstairs to sleep on the couch.......


I'm hoping to make all of the chapters longer so you have more to read. Sorry that the updates are longer apart.


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