16. Lost

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❝ lost ❞

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A day with Jimin, she enjoyed it a lot. After the great day with each other, he drove her back home. "Bye." Jihae waved at him before running inside. She walked upstairs and peeked inside her husband's room but the room was empty.

The room was so messy and his clothes were thrown here and there. She looked for him inside the bathroom but he wasn't there.

Finally, she gave up and walked to her room. She waited, waited and waited for him so that she could make dinner but he didn't come.

After a long wait, she finally decided to call him. She dialed his number and waited for him to respond. She was seriously surprised when he answered her call because he never did before except for the times he was drunk.

"Where are you, Jeon?" Jihae asked but she heard sobs from the other line.

"Jungkook?" she looked at the phone screen to make sure if she called the right person.

"J-Jihae." She became sure it was him after hearing his voice. "Are you crying?" she asked in confusion.

"M-Miran. M-Miran got into a-an accident," he said and cried harder.

"Where are you?" Jihae asked worriedly.

Even if he was rude to her, she was still worried about him. "S-Seoul hospital," he said and she hung up the call. She grabbed her jacket and left the house in hurry.

In the hospital, Jungkook sat there with eyes full of tears. He was still terrified by the scene that he saw earlier. Miran got hit in front of his eyes and her whole body was covered with blood until they reached the hospital.

The whole scene was the worst nightmare for him. Seeing the person you love in the worst situation covered with the blood was what no one would want to witness.

Jungkook was afraid to lose her and he blamed himself for what happened.

The only thoughts in his mind were, he shouldn't have asked her that question and hurt her like that. It was his fault that she got into the accident.

It had been a long time since they took her into the operation room. His fear was increasing every other second. He was waiting for her to wake up so that he could apologize to her, for hurting her.

His eyes were still fixed on the door of the operation room since it got closed while tears continuously streamed down his eyes.

Please don't leave me, Miran.


He saw a blurry female figure running towards him. He recognized her from her voice, she was his wife. "Are you okay?" Jihae ran to him and sat beside him.

Right now, he needed a shoulder to lean on, so he rested his head on her shoulder and held her hands tightly. He closed his eyes but the scene from earlier repeated in front of his eyes which only made him cry more.

His wife hugged him tightly and he cried in her arms but his eyes were still fixed where they took Miran.

The door of the operation room opened, revealing the doctors and nurses and he immediately stood up. "How is she?" He ran to one of them and asked.

"We're sorry but we couldn't save her," the doctor said with a low head and was about to walk away when Jungkook suddenly grabbed him by his collar.

After what he heard, he couldn't think straight anymore. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU COULDN'T SAVE HER?" Jungkook shouted at him while he got pulled back by several hands.

Forcefully, he tried to push those people but ended up hitting one of them with his elbow. They eventually succeeded to separate Jungkook from the doctor.

Jungkook turned around and the person who got hit by his elbow was Jihae. Her nose was bleeding because of him.

"We're sorry." The doctors and nurses walked away. He grabbed his hair while crying, still couldn't believe what the doctors said.

Jungkook tried to enter operation theatre but he was pulled back again. "Jungkook, where is Miran?" And he heard a familiar female voice but he couldn't recognize that person even if the voice was familiar.

The person walked closer to him and finally, he recognized her to be Miran's sister. "N-Noona, they are s-saying they couldn't save my M-Miran." Jungkook cried and tried to hold her hands to calm her down.

"How did this happen?" She pushed him away from her. "HOW DID SHE GOT INTO ACCIDENT, JUNGKOOK?" She cried out louder.

"N-Noona." Jungkook couldn't speak because of too much crying.

"I was waiting for her to bring money for her surgery," she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"S-Surgery?" Jungkook asked her in shock.  He was unable to process her words inside his head.

"I would have never let her disappear from my sight even for a second if only I knew she was going to meet you," she said and looked at him with a hint of hatred in her eyes.

"Noona, what surgery?" Jungkook asked again. "Excuse me, we need a family member to complete some paperwork." A nurse walked to them and spoke nervously, aware of the situation.

Miran's sister nodded and wiped her tears before walking away with the nurse. Jungkook followed them and Jihae followed him, covering her nose with a handkerchief.

After completing the paperwork, Jungkook was about to ask Miran's sister about the surgery but Jihae cut him off. "Jungkook, let's go back home." Jihae held his hands nervously from behind.

"I'm not leaving," Jungkook said and jerked her hands away. He wiped his tears with his sleeves while sobbing.

"Jungkook, go back with your wife. She must be tired," Miran's sister said.

"But noona–"

"I said go," she said while glaring at him.

Jungkook was once her favorite until he came to a decision of marrying Jihae for the family business. She started hating him after that day.

Finally, he listened to her and walked out of the place with Jihae. She drove the car as he wasn't in the state of driving. He still couldn't accept the truth that she left him.

His eyes were already dry because of excess crying. He felt like he lost himself. He lost a very important part of him and couldn't exactly explain the way he was feeling.

Just a few hours ago she was crying in his arms. He was still hoping for it to be a nightmare and wanted to wake up from this nightmare.

"Jungkook, we're home." Jihae lightly poked his arms. He nodded without looking at her and got out of the car.

Leaving her behind, he walked into the house, to his room and curled up on his bed after wrapping himself with the blanket. And he cried alone.

"Please be a nightmare when I wake up in the morning."


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