Part 6: Living in the Light

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I saw the relief flash over his face before Noah leaned down and kissed me again. He gathered me against him, holding me so tightly I couldn't breathe. I didn't care, eager to be in his arms. His mouth was hot on mine, his body hard against me. I threaded my fingers through his hair and tugged him down to my neck. I loved the feeling of his lips against my skin. He nibbled my ear and I moaned.


I jumped as the loud sound ricocheted around the room. Someone was beating on the door.

"I mean it, you two. Get your asses out of the laundry room and go someplace private." Eddie banged on the door once more to emphasize his point.

Noah looked at me and as our eyes caught, I giggled. I was so damn happy and Eddie bitching at us was just too funny. Noah cracked up, too, holding me while I laughed.

"All right woman, up you go!" Noah spun around, knelt down and hoisted me on his back. I hadn't had a piggyback ride, ever. It felt weird and unsecure to be perched on his back. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, locked my legs around his waist, and held on tight.

"Noah, what are you doing? Put me down!"

"Nope. Too many people out there and you're too damn short. Someone might hit your jaw by accident. You're staying right there while we wade through this mess."

"I'm not short! I can't help it if you're a giant!" I was laughing as Noah opened the door. Eddie stood right in the open space, scowling at us, and I laughed again. Who knew he could be such a prude?

"It's about damn time, and I'm not talking about opening the door." Eddie looked at Noah and there was no mistaking he meant business. "She's my sister, man. Not by blood, by choice, so it means more. You hurt her, and you're going to deal with me. Understand?"

Noah nodded. "Eddie, I give you my word. No one's ever going to hurt her again. Not me, not anyone."

Eddie gave Noah his knuckles and they fist bumped, sealing the deal. "Good enough. Take care of her." He turned and wandered out into the party. Noah hitched me up a little, readjusting his grip.

"You ready?"

I hugged his neck, "Let's go."

Did you know piggyback rides are bouncy? I didn't. It was awesome, especially the stairs! I laughed all the way up as Noah bounced us up to my room.

"What are you giggling about? And if you hadn't noticed, we're here. You can hop down now."

I tightened my grip on him, refusing to let go. "But I like the bouncy! Can we do it again?"

Noah growled under his breath. "I've got a different type of bouncy in mind for you. Now hop down."

I shivered in anticipation and let go, sliding down his back. Noah turned and backed me up against the door. A second later, his mouth was on mine as his hands settled on my ass. I yanked his shirt out of his jeans and slid my hands up his back, savoring the feel of his skin on my hands. His tongue slid against mine and withdrew before he nipped my bottom lip.

"Damn it, Tessa. I've got so much need for you built up. I don't think I can go slow right now."

I slid my hands down and squeezed his ass. "I don't want slow, either. I just want you." As he reached behind me to lock the door, I latched my teeth onto his neck and gave him a firm nip. Noah moaned loudly and yanked me over to the bed, tossing me on it before he fell on top of me.

His hands were everywhere, sliding under my shirt, moving over my ass. He tugged and pulled, getting my shirt and his off as fast he could. I didn't help but I managed to get my mouth on him anywhere I could. Buttons went flying as he pulled his button-down shirt off in frustration. I sucked one of his hard nipples and flicked it with my tongue.

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