Who Are You

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A/N:This is my first story and if you want me to continue comment.Criticism is allowed since it's my first story.Now,on to the story.

Chapter:1 The Fight

Dippers' P.O.V

Back to gravity falls again for the summer.It looks like nothing has changed it all looks the same.Except for two things first,me and my sister,Mabel, we are finally 13!We are technically teens,and now we could hang out with Wendy and her group out-side of the shack and since we're teens we could have some taste of freedom.If you ask me it's about time.And the second thing that changed is Mabel.She's always with her friends or on her phone and when she's with her friends she basically ignores me.Mabel's silliness gets notice so she's
Miss Popular,but she does have her haters at times.And for me...well I have friends but not many.People only know me as Mabel's LITTLE brother!We're twins people!And she's only 5 minutes older!Mabel never hangs out with me any more and when she does I always bail because I want her to have a taste of her own medicine.I just miss me and her always hanging out together.I mean I love her...as a sister and maybe even more?No,no,no dipper you can't fall for her she's your sister nothing more....right?Yeah there's no way I l-like her I just miss her.But I can't help but feel like she-

"Hey dipper"she said while waving her hand in front of me.

"Yeah what's up"I shook my head so I could think straight.

"Could you pass me my earphones from your cubby."she pointed to my cubby.

"Yeah sure....um they're not here."mmm should I ask her to hang-out?Why am I having such a hard time with this she's just my sister.

"What?Are you serious?Oh yeah I put them in my bag which is in the back...great."she looked out-side the window only to see the old town of Gravity Falls.

"Well we could play seat treasure hunt?"I said sounding a little to eager.

"I'm not in the mood."she sounded a little depressed,but why would she feel depressed though?Hmm...it must be because we're spending our summer here in gravity falls and she won't get to see her friends.

"Well instead do you wanna hang out,later?"Why am I so nervous?She is just my sister!

"Yeah sure,I would like that."she turned to face and smiled at me and giving me a soft look.

"Ok we'll hang out after we finish unpacking."I smiled back she seems so sad for some reason.

"Ok we're here so get out"the cab driver said rudely.

"Ok let us get our stuff out first."Mabel said coldly while getting off.

And with that we got our stuff and he drove away fast,for some reason.

"Pff,people could be so rude."Mabel said rolling her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest.Then she started to lug her stuff towards the door.

"Could you help me dipper pretty please with sprinkles on top."she said with puppy dog eyes and a quivering lip.Now thats the Mabel I know.

"I would but I have my own stuff to carry."I said while starting to pick up my things and walked towards the front door.

"Dudes!"Soos exclaimed while opening his arms so we could get a hug,its good to see him he hasn't changed,not one bit.

"Soos!!"we both yelled when running to his opened arms.

"We missed you."Mabel said when he let us go.

"Hehe I missed you dudes to!"

"Do you mind if you could help me bring my stuff to my room,please!"

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