How it has always been

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Nobody loves a poor man,
Nobody likes a poor brand.

Came from a family with hate,
Internal strifes, no date.
They didn't show love,
They only showed the gate.

I walk the beach of soothing calm,
With a smile equal to the surround.
But only I knows't how I feel,
Thy petty problems seems bigger to thee,
Than mine castles of dark hordes.
Well I take it that these problems make thee sore,
But only if thee could see,
What is truly killing me.

From the very beginning I was lost,
Here in real life and the lot.
My imagination grew,
I fixed the holes in mine room of life,
With nothing as material,
But I still fixed it with thoughts and dreams,
Which mixed in with mine memories.

Now I seem to know not what is real,
I know not what is not.
I am lost,not a surprise,
I am lost,like I was lost
From the very beginning of my time,
The only thing that helped me,
The only thing I looked at,
Was the results of my beginning

Now and then my imagination subsides,
All my thoughts seem to hide.
They let me see,they let me see,
Just for a while they let me see.
I see the sorrow,
And the very disaster that surrounds me,
They let me see the holes,
They let me see it all,
They show the truth,
And nothing more.

I embrace it,
Yes,I embrace the truth,
I try and fix it,
But it's very hard to move,
As it pierces mine skin,
And holy blood starts to flow,
If I die now,
I shall have nothing to show.

I had helped my friends when they needeth me,
I had been their with them in their darkest hour,
Guided them, and been their tower,
Been a light, with a smile,
Guided them through when their hope seemed to shrew.
But God,now when I am alone,
And,all the world seems to flow,
As it slips from my very hands,
As I stand here in this dark room,
Giving grimance,
I see them not,
I hear them not,
I haven't been hit by old age,
So I know, they are not.

I have started to wonder if they exist,
Or was my mind playing the trick.

I call out, looking up,
My head held high,
As my pride bowed low.
Hands clasped,
They are feeling sore,
Tears in my eyes,
Fate on the very divine.
Call out I do,
No sound does he shoos,
No words does he choose,
I hear him not,
As I wait,
I have waited a long time,
He gives no sound,
No divine no meek,
It feels all,just a fanatic's dream.

All a lie, all a lie,
Everyone else seem to comply,
I want joy, I want peace,
Nothing more than just a tiny bit of bliss.

No war,no pressure,
No politics,no treasure.

Just a tiny bliss I ask,
Just a tiny peace thee masks,

No reply, no reply,
I tell ye all,
It's all a lie, it's all a lie.
No God no heaven,
No paradise no raven.

A smile, no sun,
Try and hide, no son.
No river, no eyes,
No system, no cries.

All my problems,
Are being stuck in a well,
All my thoughts,is to breath the real,
No progress, no shine,
No nothing, no dime.

Mother, now like everyman,
When God fails,
We look at thine.

We remember thee,
And thy very beautiful memories.

But what can I say,
I got none,
Cause you left me,
When it had very begun.

I looked at thee when God failed,
I didn't see thee not thy tail,
To me, thee is nothing more than a tale.

How does thee think I shall love?
Why does thee think I felt love?
No, no all I can remember,
Is the sorrow that she gave,
To me it shall remain,
Right to my very grave.

It's in my ears mother,
Like it's was very yesterday,
The lullaby mother,
It been years since she played.

Out on a Sunday morning,
The warm sun touching my cheeks,
I rest my head in thy lap,
As thee gently kisses me,
My heart in a state of rest,
My mind in a state of peace,
Thee sings me the very lullaby,
Of me giving it all to thee,
My cheek dressed with a smile,
Mine eyes shut in the light,
Bright the day,
But brighter still, thy holy light.

SUDDENLY! All is lost,
I am left in the cold snow,
With nothing but shorts,
And confusion to show,
The warm in my heart,
Grows so cold,
I am terrified,
As I shiver and choke down a cry,
I look around and I see none,
No soul I know,
No hearts that begun,

Tis warm heart, mother,
Thee left in the frothing frost.

My lies, thine eyes,
Mine eyes, thy lies.

I feel nothing,
I feel nothing now,
I felt everything all before,
Too many a times,
I have gone sore,
A young pup mother,
Won't thee had picked me up?
I searched mother,
I saw and knew nothing,
A young pup,
Left for his death just sitting,
On the holy grail.

My lies,thine eyes,
Mine eyes, thy lies.

Oh! What kinda heart thou has,
No thou has none,
A rock resides in its place,
And oh, how you try and act like a nun.

Can't thee see?
Thee had left me in the middle of the sea,
With nothing for me to last,
No love no mast,
No boat no ghast.
What did thee expect more than a cast?
An actor in my very play,
The smile that I do display,
While holding down all mine feelings,
And telling everyone what love is,
When mine own love
Is nothing but faith,
I love a woman,
But again that's just my mate,
Mothers I hear,
Have the purest of them all,
The love that they give,
Seem to be the best of them all,
But how shall I know?
Now isn't it too late,
I have to go,
Or I myself shall be the one who is late.

Late for mine own funeral,
And late for mine own death.


The Dead Revolutionary

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