The Destiny of the Scarlet Chapter 4

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The "auction" was over soon after I was sold. I felt my wrist being grabbed. My brain forgot my situation so instant reaction was to struggle. Once again my head jerked to the side.

"Don't try to escape from me slave. You won't be able to get away."

I automatically stopped. Something about his voice it seemed predatory, dangerous. His grip on my wrist tightened. I thought he was going to break it. His grip tightened again before he left go. I took my wrist and rubbed it.

"Come now slave." he said to me.

He started to walk and I followed close behind. We walked through countless hallways and doors. There was a set of double doors in front of us and a big man guarding it.

"Prince Damon." he said getting down on his knee with his fist on his heart head bowed, "We need to collect the money for the money for the slave my Lord."

The prince reached in both his pockets and pulled out giant wads of cash. He threw them at the feet of the man. "Give them the full amount and you keep the rest."

"Yes my Lord. Thank you." he stood and opened the door for us. There was a black limo waiting. A man in a black suit and white hair opened the door for us.

I went in after him and sat as far from him as possible.

I heard him chuckle darkly, "You're scared of me." it didn't sound like a question more like a statement. I didn't answer. So quickly I was on the floor of the limo. He was staring at me his eyes all black. " You will answer me when I talk to you slave. You will not ignore me!" he yelled at me.

The car stopped and he was off of me in an instant. I got up and went out of the limo. It amazing. It was made of mostly glass tinted black from floor to ceiling. The edges to keep the house together were pure black and all of the furniture seemed to be black white and red. Who knew hell could be so pretty.


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