15. Money

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❝ money ❞

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STARING at the white ceiling, her mind was still debating whether she should tell Jungkook about the gift or not. Jihae tried talking to him yesterday after the dinner but she couldn't find the courage to do so. She felt a weird kind of nervousness.

Finally, she sighed and jumped off the bed after making up her mind. She walked out of my room with the envelope in her hand. In front of his door, she hesitated to knock.

Again, she finally gathered courage and was about to knock when the door opened widely revealing wet haired Jungkook.

A smirk formed across his face before speaking. "So my perverted wife is trying to peek inside while I was changing," he said while crossing his arms.

"What? No, I'm not interested to see you changing," Jihae said. This was how their conversation used to begin. They never had a normal conversation.

"What is this?" Jungkook grabbed the envelope from her hand and his eyebrows knitted in confusion when he saw two tickets.

"It's a gift from my parents for our honeymoon," Jihae said examining his expression.

His face was straight but soon he burst out into a laugh. "You–" He couldn't speak and laughed while grabbing his stomach.

Did I just tell him a joke?

Jihae waited for him to stop laughing while Jungkook couldn't stop at all. "You think I'll go on a honeymoon with you," he asked while poking her forehead, still laughing.

"These tickets deserve to be in a trash can." Jungkook tore the tickets into two halves and placed it on her head before walking inside.

And he still couldn't stop laughing inside his room. Jihae picked the tickets from her head and looked at the four halves.

Did he just call me a trash can?

Jihae tore it into possible smaller pieces and threw it inside his room. The doorbell rang when she was about to walk to her room. She ran downstairs to open the door and it was Jimin.

"I need to pee." Jimin ran upstairs as soon as she opened the door, leaving her there. She walked upstairs to her room and waited until Jimin walked out of the bathroom. He took a long time inside the bathroom.

"Let's go, I'm here to take you out of this jail." Jimin pulled her out of the room and she happily followed him.

As soon as he opened the door, there stood her husband who was ready to knock on the door. "What are you doing in my wife's room?" Jungkook asked when he saw Jimin holding her hand.

"I was here to take your wife on a date," Jimin said and pulled her by the waist. Jungkook rolled his eyes on them. "Why so?" he asked while crossing his arms.

"Because I know you never took her anywhere," Jimin said while pointing at Jungkook. Jimin pulled her outside with him, leaving Jungkook in front of her door.

Jihae and Jimin walked out of the house and got inside his car "Where are we going?" Jihae asked him. She was excited to spend a day with him since she loved his company a lot.

"I just wanted your help with my shopping," he said and drove the car away.

Meanwhile, standing in front of her room, "Date?" Jungkook shrugged off and walked back to his room.

Even on Saturdays, he hated staying at home because of his wife. She went on a date with Jimin and he was left alone at home. Now he didn't even have anyone with whom he could fight. He wanted to spend his day with Miran but she was busy.

A wide smile formed across his face when he got a call from Miran.


"Jungkook, I need money." She cut him off by speaking.

"But I just gave you a few days ago," Jungkook said. Her voice sounded different, making him worried. "Jungkook, please I need money," she spoke in a desperate voice.

"Are you okay? Where are you?" Her desperate voice only made him more worried about her. "Come to the street near your house." She hung up the call. And he searched something inside his pockets before running out of the house when he found it.

Near the street, he stood there waiting for his girl. As the time passed, he started getting more worried.

Finally, he felt relief when he saw her walking hurriedly towards him. He pulled her into a hug but she broke the hug. "Did you bring the money?" Miran asked.

"I brought my card," Jungkook said and she immediately grabbed the card from his hand. She was about to walk away when he stopped her.

"Where are you using the money I give?" Jungkook asked when she turned around.

"Are you using on someone else? Are you seeing someone else?" Jungkook finally asked the question which he had been wanting to ask her.

There was a long silence until one spoke. "You think I'm seeing someone else?" she asked. Her eyes already started filling with tears and both of them knew that seeing her in tears was his weakness.

"You're always busy whenever I ask you to meet me," Jungkook said but he couldn't see those tears, so he pulled her into a hug.

"I can be busy with other things too, right?" she asked while sobbing against his chest.

"I'm sorry. Please don't cry." Jungkook couldn't see her in tears. Mostly when he was the reason behind those tears.

Miran pushed him and wiped her tears away. She handed back the card to him. "I thought I could use your money when I needed." She looked away from him.

"You can, my money is all yours." Jungkook tried to give the card back to her but she pushed him away.

"You've changed, Jungkook. You don't trust me anymore," she said without looking at him. "I doubt if you still love me." And she finally looked at him and those teary eyes made clear that she was hurt.

Jungkook panicked hearing her words. They weren't true at all. He loved her, her and only her. "I trust you and I love you a lot." Jungkook tried to touch her but she resisted his touch.

"Is it because of her?" she asked and those words hurt pierced through his heart.

"What are you saying? She just came to my life a few days ago-" Jungkook tried to convince her but she ignored him even before he completed his sentence. She walked across the road while wiping her tears.

What did I do?

In the matter of a second, a car came rushing which hit her throwing her in a thin air and she landed on the ground in front of his eyes.



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