Chapter 8: Nosebleed

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Should you talk about it?

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Should you talk about it?

The same question was repeating itself in your head without stop. To be quite frank, it was frustrating you a little too much. You're tapping your finger against your leg uneasily, waiting for Jin to say something— anything to kill the awkwardness between the two of you. As silence continues to thicken the atmosphere, you finally decide to talk to him.

"I saw you making out with that girl."

You couldn't complain because the two of you aren't classified as anything. However, he was the one flirting with you. Either way, you decide to just patiently wait for a response.

"Sorry," Jin quietly mutters under his breath.

"I also heard you guys talking about vampires. Are you insane or what?" You see Jin's body tense, causing your muscles to tense by the slightest bit. "That's none of your business." You roll your eyes and huff as you look at the world zoom past you in a blur though the tinted glass, hoping for a quick arrival.

Meanwhile, Jimin was pacing around his apartment, quickly thinking of anything he could do to avoid you as much as possible. The only good idea that he can come up with is leaving the house for a while. What else do you have to do today aside from staying home all day? You are his neighbor, so there really is no way of him avoiding you while the both of you are at home.

The only obstacle he's to overcome now is where he should go. After all, he can't just up and leave without a destination; that'd be pointless.

Perhaps he could stop by Jungkook's place to hang out- they are best friends, after all. He could also drag Taehyung with him.

Sounds perfect.

He's got a smile on his face due to the fantastic plan that he had come up with. Jimin grabs his phone and his charger and heads on out to Jungkook's apartment.

His fingers wrap around the door knob right when an angry knock startles him. He sighs a breath of frustration as he slowly opens the door, a loud and irritating creak sounding from the door.

"Jimin, don't go after Y/N."

Jin's mad. He never gets mad.

This is bad.

Jimin rolls his eyes as he drags Jin into the apartment. "Are you kidding? Don't worry, Jin, we've all given up." Jin grabs Jimin by his arms and shakes him. "Jimin, I won't even go after her."

"Pfft," Jimin smirks, "Yeah, right. We all know her blood smells great— you're definitely still after her." Jin gaze darkens, instantaneously telling Jimin that there's more to this than he thinks.

He comes to a sudden halt.

"She's related to Gunho. If she gets a vampire bite, she turns into a vampire herself."

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