Your Drunk Biker

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"No, no, no!" You shouted reaching over the center console of your car as your old man started to climb out of the passenger window. 

"Hey, you fuckeeeeer!" He slurred shaking his fist at Juice and Chibs as they laughed at your drunk old man. "I'll get you next time!" He growled giving them his signature sinister smirk as you wrestled him back into his seat. 

"I tink he's talkin' to you." Chibs laughed as Happy continued to glare daggers at Juice as you strapped your husband to his seat. 

"Baby, calm down." You cooed as you started to pull away from the clubhouse. 

"What did I do?" Juice whined as you finally rolled up the window and set out on your journey home with your drunk husband. 

"I looooove you." Happy giggled softly as he laid his head back and watched you drive as he played with your hair. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me." He sighed before slowly starting to take his kutte off. 

"Gunna show you how much I love you, little girl." He growled drunkenly as he fought with his seat belt as he tried to free his upper body of his clothes. 

"Hap, stop it." You laughed swatting away his wandering hands as he tugged down the right strap of your dress. "Hey! Keep your hands to yourself, mister!" You scolded trying to focus on getting home safely. 

"I just want to make love to youuuuu!" Happy whined before settling back into his seat. Before you could reassure him that he would have plenty of time to show you when the two of you got home and when he sobered up; your old man was slouched over with his tattooed head rested against the passenger side window snoring softly. 

"What am I going to do with you?" You smiled reaching out and taking your old mans hand in yours as you continued on your journey home with your drunk biker. 


Quinn didn't get drunk often but when he did, God have mercy on the poor souls that had to look after the gentle giant that turned into a war machine. 

"SHIT!" Tig shouted knocking into Jax as the two bikers narrowly missed the bar stool that Rane threw in their direction.

"WHERE'S MY BABY!" Rane roared slowly spinning around the clubhouse in search of his old lady in his drunken stupor. You had gone to the bathroom for all of ten minutes and the boys had turned your old mans tipsiness into full on intoxication. 

"He's going to tear this place apart." Juice mumbled watching as Quinn pushed people out of his way and stumbled into tables looking for you. 

Entering the bar area your eyes widened at seeing your old man holding poor Ratboy by the back of his neck and kutte dangling him in the air while shouting in his face. 

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