12 (finale)

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It was the next day and when Zach woke up there was a blanket at the end of his bed with a letter on it.
He instantly realized the handwriting and the blanket brand.
This could only be from one person.
His person.
The boy instantly ripped open the envelope wanting to see if jack was here in this hospital, waiting for him.
What he read next totally shocked the young boy.
Jack loved him?
"I love you too." He whispered.
Zach presses the button on his bed calling the nurse in.
"Yes, Mr. Herron?" Lizzie asked.
"Can you get Jack for me please?"
"Of course." She smiled and zoomed out soon returning with a sleep deprived Jack.
"Z-zach?" He asked hopping in bed beside Zach.
"I love you too." Zach said to Jack.
Jack was so happy that he could finally see his boy.
He realized zach was cold so they cuddled up under Zach's new blanket.
"I'm sorry." Jack mumbled.
"For what?" The boy looked worried. He thought Jack was going to say he actually doesn't like him.
"For making this happen." He pointed at the bandages on Zach's wrists.
"It's not your fault. The nurse told me I don't have a lot of time left. Do you have my letters?"
"Yes, But we haven't read them yet." Jack replied looking into Zach's now dull eyes.
"When I die, I want you guys to read them together, out loud." The fragile Zach whispered.
"I won't let you die anytime soon." Jack kissed Zach. Something he's wanted to do for a while.
For a minute Zach kissed back but then stopped.
Jack opened his eyes to see what the problem was.
Zach didn't say anything or move, he just stayed locked in a smile.
The curly headed teen started crying.
His boy, his love, had died peacefully in his arms.
Jack couldn't imagine life without Zach but he had to stay strong for everybody.
Especially Zach.
"I love you..." he whispered and looked into Zach's eyes one last time before closing his eyelids and going to get a nurse.

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