Final Chapter

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You pull down your pants and leaned against the counter is Dokkaebi with her huge fat ass, you may be technically cheating on IQ but it's to keep your relationship going so you might as well enjoy it. You walk up to her and stand there stunned at her ass, and so Dokkaebi smiles and spreads revealing her small tight asshole, then she runs her tongue around her lip in a lusty manner. You move the tip of your dick around her rim then back and forth making her moan. Then your put your hands around her hips and squeeze, you suddenly realize how then she really is. Then you slowly go in causing her to yelp, then you start to thrust and she brings to yelp and moan after every thrust, you pick up momentum. Her ass bounces after every thrust, she turns her head around and you see her eyes rolled up and her teeth biting her lips in pure pleasure. You lift up her left leg and place in on top of the counter and begin to thrust even harder with your hand still clutched around her waist and thigh. Her ass is so tight it feels so warm, she clutches on to the counter ends for dear life as you go even faster making her yelp and cry even louder. Then you lift her entire body up and put it slumpt up on to the counter having her facing you. You can see it all her massive breasts, her pussy and her massive ass. You pull of her top and start sucking and biting her tiddies and she moans and hugs your head. You move your head in all directions really fast and then you put both of her tiddies together and lick all the way up tiddies making her moan even louder. You keep your tongue going up her neck and then to her lips to which you and her wrestle tongues and french kiss. Then while making out you shove your cock back into her asshole, making her yelp. You go hard and fast licking her lips and kissing in between yelps. She's clearly enjoying it and you grab both of her thighs and spread them and grasp them tightly as go faster. Dokkaebi moans are echoing across the restroom, you send your cock as deep as possible and back and forth very fast. Then she gets up off the counter and on her knees on the restroom floor and she grabs your cock and begins to jerk it. She goes really fast and she extends her tongues and starts licking the tips furiously. Then she shoves the entire thing down her throat and she thrusts her head back and forth. She puts your hands around the back of her head intending you to help thrust. And so you shove your cock down her throat and move it back and forth really fast. You hear her gasp but you and her seem to be greatly enjoying this. You feel her warm mouth and her saliva all over your cock. And then you go your fastest feeling your about to explode then you let go and as she's gasping for air, she opens her mouth and extends her tongue and you ejaculate all over tongue and mouth making her moan in pleasure. You watch as she gulps it all down at once with a lusty smile on her face. Soon after you two leave and Dokkaebi promises not to post the video and to be at the ready for another sexual occurrence if that time arises and so you saved your relationship and managed to get layed for it, not a bad day.

· I would like to thank all for reading and would like to say if you guys want more rainbow related stories to just ask and I apologize for being dead the past few months, so thanks guys.

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