Chapter-21 " Living With The Egoistic Devil"

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I gathered all the stuff that was necessary and that was easy to carry, I left the rest for the guards to shift.

Before moving to Leo's room I took a bath and changed into a comfortable yet pretty dress.

I went over to Leo's room and gently knocked on the door. After a couple of minutes he opened the door.

When he opened the door, my heart skipped a beat,  he was standing there shirtless with a towel wrapped just above his crotch.

"Umm.... I.. I jus... I... Umm"
I tried to frame a sentence but failed miserably.

"huh.. Whatever, your stuff has been shifted, so arrange your stuff neatly I don't want my room messy" he ordered and turned around
He turned back again and said "and yeah one thing you must remember, NEVER GO INTO MY STUFF"
He practically threatened me and headed back to the shower.

I was shocked this was clearly not the welcome I expected. God this man's such an asshole. I immediately disliked him.

Once I was done unpacking my stuff I  went back to my old room, just to check whether something was left or not. It was past midnight, and the halls were dark and eerie.

As I was about to enter my room I heard some voices inside, I peeked inside and saw something not very pleasing the king and rachel were getting hot and heavy and It wasn't a very pleasant sight to see. I cringed so hard mentally, I decided this was it.

I left the place and was still cringing to my core. I opened the door and there he was standing in a night suit with an angry and annoyed expression on his face

"Where were you? " he asked me
" none of your business" I replied with  the most bitchy tone I could manage.

He hold me roughly and pulled me closer, his intoxicating smell stronger than ever, slowly going up my nostrils. His face defined very well in the moonlight and I could feel his abs pressing against my stomach. I was dumbfounded.

"I asked what where were you, when I question you something you are supposed to answer me goddammit "
He asked me furiously.

" I went to my old room, to check whether something was left there or not "
I replied.

He sighed in frustration and threw me to the ground. My stomach hit the ground and a wave of pain went through my body. I winced in pain.

" why do you have to be so mean,  you fucking asshole"

He stared at the ground for a brief moment and then replied.

"Umm.. Sorry I apologize for my behavior "

Oh my god, I wasn't accepting this. A apology from him,  the arrogant jerk.

So he wasn't so arrogant at all. Okay.. So I got up and went to the bathroom the bruise on my stomach was worse than ever. Blood was oozing out of my gut and It was hella painful.

I didn't knew what was happening.  I was so confused now.. No idea how many more sides of Prince Leo will I discover now.....

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