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Ian's footsteps thudded over the hard pavement of the parking lot. He shot a look over his shoulder. The men chasing him were doing better than he would have guessed. Though both of the men seemed fit, they'd been panting within a minute of giving pursuit.

He wasn't all that surprised when they drew their guns and started to fire as they ran towards him. Ian heard the zip of one, then two bullets go by him.

As he ducked behind a large, blue truck, leaning on the tire.  A bullet clinked on the hard surface beside him. No, not bullets, tranquilizer darts. They don't want me dead; they want me alive. To take me apart, see what I am made of.

Ian's heart pounded against his sternum reminding him to drag in another breath. But just a small one, the oxygen-rich air could make him dizzy.

Adrenaline-fueled, he weaved through the parked cars, using them as shields. Up ahead, the trail split, the left side heading down to the beach and the other up to the ocean overlook, to the cliff they called Spire. More people were on the Spire path. That cemented Ian's decision. 

Surely they won't fire into their own people.

Ian quickly pulled off his shoes and clothing, leaving only the swimwear he wore under it. His tattoo caught the sun and gleamed. Moving from the relative safety of the truck, he sprinted to the cliff path. The popping of the gunshots continued as he pushed through a large group of people. 

The crowd started to realize what was going on. There were some screams as people ran for cover. One dark-haired woman fell, unconscious, a dart sticking out of her neck. They would fire on their own people, that's how much they wanted him.

He felt exposed as he sped along the bare, rocky path. The trail was wider than a truck, and the men could easily see him now that most of the people were gone. 

Ian felt too dry, he had been above water too long. He'd known it, but he had been so close. After years of searching, I almost had the traitor this time.

He heard another blast, bringing him back to the problem at hand. The men's aim was improving. A dart bounced off a rock inches from Ian, spurring him on the final few yards. 

You want to see what I 'm made of? I 'll show you.

As he began to run out of land, Ian sped up instead of slowing. He heard the gasps of the sightseers behind him as he took to the air with a harsh shout, jeering at the men chasing him. Midleap, he maneuvered into a perfect forward dive, intentionally twisting in a spiral as he dropped down the face of the 500-foot cliff.

Two more tranquilizers fell past Ian as he descended. The men above stopped, standing helplessly at the top of the cliff. With a smirk, he made a clean cut through the ocean's surface and disappeared from their view.

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